Babysitter Feeding Solids

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C - October 29

My sister was watching my son for his first 6 months and then she just had another baby. My girlfriend is now watching him. We are trying different things from stage 1 and using the 3 day wait rule. The first day she watched him, without asking me, she fed him food. I said I like to follow the three day wait rule and she thought that was rediculous. On day two or three, she gave him a pretzel rod. He of course loved it, but I just don't think that is safe and the salt can't be good for him. My sister said in one more week she'll watch him again but already I've noticed a difference in his tastes. I tried feeding him peas today and he had the most disgusted look on his face. I started bringing my own solids so I know what he's eating and expressed my fears about the chocking hazzard. Has anyone else had a babysitter that did what they wanted? I know her kids are doing great and survived, but this is MY child and I don't think it's right for her to put me in this position.


Mommy - October 29

I know what you mean. My husbands aunt (who pratically raised him) loves to watch our kids. One is 17 months and the other is 6 months. Keep in mind the youngest doesn't have any teeth yet. She gave him fruit loops when I was gone! Whole fruit loops! Not crushed or broken in half. I don't even give him stage 3 baby food yet, let alone dry crunchy cereal. I told her to only give him things she knows I feed him or she couldn't watch them anymore. She hasn't since because she loves having them there.


P - October 29

My neighbour thought it would be a good idea to give my seven month old daughter a grape lollypop!! Lucky for her her mother was there to [put the kybosh on that one. I would have freaked!!


My answer - October 30

I understand where you're coming from... my father in law would stick things in my daughter's mouth just to see her make faces at the new food. My sister was always giving her little bits of food, etc... to eat when I wasn't looking. Her husband thought it was funny to stick his finger in her mouth to suck on. I finally had a fit when his 7 yr. old came inside from playing in the yard and went straight up and stuck her finger in my daughter's mouth! Sometimes you just have to lay down the law and not worry about hurting people's feelings... this is YOUR baby and YOU know what's best for him! I don't care if my sister fed her baby applesauce at three days old and pepperoni sticks on her first birthday! This one's mine, and nothing goes in her mouth without me knowing and approving it.


JLM - October 30

Salt is not good for a baby and white flour (in pretzels) is a choking hazzard like you said. White flours are very sticky when wet and can get stuck in their throats. It's great that you will get your sis back. If it was me in this post_tion, I would take a week off work until my sister could help me. Your friend is an a**hole for doing that.



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