Babysitting Pay Question

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ry - February 19

I watch a six year old girl during the summer and school vacations and she really is a joy to have around and plays with Bella which is nice. I am looking to take in another child to make some extra money but I really do not want another baby or toddler. (I have my hands full with my 10.5 month old and the reason I am waiting to have another baby is because I want to spoil and "baby" her a bit while she is still little). ANYWAYS! I keep getting requests to watch toddlers and now have a family that really wants me to watch their 11 month old boy (it would be like having twins!) And I wonder, whould you guys consider doing this and what would you charge?


CyndiG - February 19

I personally would stick to my guns. If you are serious and feel like you would be unhappy with the situation, I wouldn't do it. JMO.


SonyaM - February 19

Could be beneficial as they may play well together since t hey are the same age. Perhaps you could explain you aren't sure it would work but would be willing to give it a try for say two weeks. That way you have an out if you don't end up liking them and who knows you may surprise yourself.


Heather F - February 19

I watch another baby that is exactly one month younger then my own baby (10 months) my dd is 11 months (almost). I charge $150 a week for 30 - 35 hours of care. It has worked out beautifully for me, I have them both on the same eating and napping schedule so for 2 hours a day I can do the things that need to get done and the rest of the day they entertain eachother. It has been great for my dd becasue it is teaching her patience, how to play nice, share well and share mommy. I love watching them teach eachother new things and play together. Its like my dd gets all the pros of daycare without all the cons and I dont have to leave her. I will admit when they are both tired and hungry it is hard but that is only once or twice a day...I would definantly give it a try for one or two weeks and go from there. Good luck!


ry - February 19

Thanks for your opinions. I was thinking it could be nice for her to have a playmate her age. What do you guys think would be reasonable to charge? I really wouldnt do it if I wasnt making decent money, i do bartend two nights a week and pet sit but always need more money!



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