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angelinakai - October 31

I took a class On Becoming Babywise and it seemed really cool at the time, but I have heard a lot of negative things about it since then. The people I know who have tried it have had their babies sleeping thru the night by 8-12 weeks. Do any of you have any experince with it? I liked some things about it, but i'm not going to let my newborn cry for 45 minutes and not pick him up. Everyone keeps saying that I spoil him, but I think he is too young to not pick him up. He is 5 weeks. Have any of you tried any of their methods?


Krissy25 - October 31

I have never heard of it but i guess by what you are saying is that they teadh the "cry it out" method. Honestly i think at 5 weeks it's too early to start any of that. And i don't think you can spoil a baby that young, when they cry that is their way of telling you they need something. BTW i have never let my baby CIO and she has been sleeping through the night since about 10 weeks. I rock her for a bit and play soothing music and put her in her crib. If she crys i come in and comfort her by rubbing her head and talking to her softly and she usually falls right back to sleep.


DDT - October 31

That does sound similiar to the Feber CIO method. I also think 5 wks is too early to try that method. You can try using the shush-pat method that the book "The Baby Whisperer" (series 3) talks about. You can use that method until your lo is 4 months old. I used this method along with a good routine and my lo my sleeping through (12hrs) at 11wks. After 4 months you can use the PU/PD (Pick up/put down) method. But sometimes CIO becomes neccessary for some Mums and their lo's...but I personally wouldn't do it until your lo is 6 months and older. After 6 months (especially 8 months...which I'm dealing with right now) babies learn how to stay awake even when they are tired. The world has gotten bigger and sleeping is just way too over-rated (hehe!). Good luck!


wailing - October 31

The American Academy of Pediatrics and other medical a__sociations put out announcements advising parents against using the method. When it first came out it was very popular but many pediatricians noticed a scary decline in weight of babies across the country due to the methods practice. Unlike the Ferber theory, it tells parents to put their babies on a feeding schedule and also do the CIO, even w/ newborns (I think? I'm not too sure EXACTLY what they teach I just remember reading about the AAP saying it was not good) Anyway, in the end the babies were diagnosed as failing to thrive and had marked weight loss. Everything I have read and asked my dr says that u can't spoil a baby by comforting them and nurturing them as newborns and infants. They have no other way of consoling and soothing themselves.... so they depend on u to do it. I think Ferber says it's okay to start using CIO at 4-5 months but doesn't reccomend using it before then? The reason I think people were getting results at 8-12 wks is b/c most bb's learn to sleep longer naturally then anyway. I know many moms on here who's bb's started sleeping at least 5-6 hr stretches at 6-8 wks...if not longer. My lo started sleeping 7hrs at 6wks and 10hrs at 11wks. I think the Babywise results just happen to coincide w/ what the babies would've done anyway. I actually have the Babywise book (a friend pa__sed it to me) and have read parts of it. It really does sound like a good idea...but in practice is not so great (IMO). I think u should listen to what ur instincts tell u. Alot of the past generation think that babies can be spoiled but, really that's a myth. Give ur lo lots of hugs and kisses!!! Good Luck:-)


excited2bemama - October 31

I bought this book when I was pregnant- I read the whole thing. Some good friends of mine use this method and their kids are great sleepers. However since i have had my lo I don't really like the book much- I think its wayyyy to rigid and alot of what he recommends goes against the grain of babies. What wailingsaid is true- people were following the book to rigidly.. and not feeding their babies enough- He does say that if you think your baby is hungry to feed him but he also encourages getting your baby on a eatting every 3-4 hour routine. He also doesn't encourage alot of attention to their crys which I think is vital to your newborns developent. A few things I hate about the book. The 3-4 hours between feedings Does NOt work for b___stfed babies.. they simply cannot go that long. Feeding on demand is much better and establishes a nice milk supply. Limiting the amount your lo nurses is detrimental to your milk supply. He also says babies should eat, play sleep- And I just think that is backward.. Babies naturally get sleepy when they eat so its more natural to put them down after nursing or a bottle. I do LIke how he encourages putting your baby to bed awake so they can fall alseep on their own. I DON"t like how he recommends CIO even at 2 weeks old. A 2 week old baby cannot understand why his mama doesn;'t respond to his crys- and he even says you should let them cry as long as it takes 45 min -2 hours!!!!!! I think if my lo was a terrible sleeper I might have resorted to some sort of CIO method by 6 months biu she is a great sleeper for the most part so I haven't had to resort to any specific CIO or sleep training method., You cannot spoil a newborn.. When he is older babies can get particular to certains methods- for instance if you hold him for his naps and he is 6 months and you are still doing that he might get particualr and always want to be held for naps.. but you can't spoil an infant. They NEED you to respond to their crys... Babies that are not held, touched, and loved as infants HAVE issues as adults. Babies need cuddling, love and being held just like any adult. I don't know about you but when I am upset, crying etc I want to be hugged, comforted etc by DH.. babies are the same way.


Perl - October 31

My pediatrician recommended the book but he told me to use my instincts and common sense and not to follow the book as a rule but to use it for guidance for the good parts and read it with a grian of salt. I bought the book and didn't really find it useful for my circ_mstance with my newborn at the time. I actually ended up co-sleeping to make b___stfeeding easier for me for the first 3 months. But I went back to the Baby Wise book after when my baby was about 10 months old and went on to buy Babwise for Toddlers. I would not allow my newborn to cry for 45 minutes either not even 15 minutes. A lot of people say to wait until they are 3 months, others say 6 months. For me I had to wait until my son outgrew his acid reflux, then go through teething (my Dr said don't let the baby cry while he's teething, that's just mean). So for me personally it was not until the 10 month mark that I felt my son was ready to cry 1 1/2 hours the first night, 45 minutes the 2nd, 10 minutes the 3rd night and it's the toughest thing I've ever done but it really worked for us. Now when we put him down he doesn't cry at all or he cries for less than 1 minute and he doesn't wake up until 7:00 am and he used to wake up crying A LOT before. One thing I did differently though was wear earplugs and sit in the room with him the 1st week while he cried until he fell asleep. This is what the Baby Whisperer recommends so I guess what I did was combine the methods of Baby Wise with Baby Whisperer method--both are useful books. I was glad I stayed in the room while he cried because I caught him coughing and choking on vomit a couple of times so I had to pick him up, soothe him, give him a drink and back to bed. I also have a video monitor or stand outside the door to listen and make sure he's alright. Good luck and trust your maternal instincts only you know what is going on with your son specifically and you're the best one to determine what's best for his needs. There comes a time when you have to get a little tough (as in letting him cry for a bit) but only you can decide when the time is right for you and your son.


madison - October 31

i read the book the week after i delivered so i honestly dont remember everything in it. from what i remember the author doesn't really come out and say let them "cry it out" but i think thats what he really means. i know LOTS of people who swear by the book but i think it depends on your baby, they are all so different. my dd would cry for over an hour if we let her when she was small. i know because we tried it a few times and then i couldn't take it so we stopped and just did whatever worked at the time. she's always done good at night, started sleeping 11 hours at 4 months. her problem was naps- 30 min- she did that for months and still does every now and then (she's 7.5 months old). babywise didnt really help me with my napping issue though. we did have her on a feeding "schedule" if you want to call it that but its really just when she wanted to eat happened to be every 3 hours, but we also fed her when she was hungry if it was earlier, too. i used to try the eat/wake/sleep method too as suggested in the book, but now since she's been on solids its just whatever works! sometimes she finishes a bottle before a nap. it hasnt seemed to make a difference. the one thing i've learned from motherhood so far is that our babies grow up SO FAST and are constantly CHANGING so there is no one method that works for every baby- do what works for you at the time because before you know it, its going to change and there will be another issue to deal with. just do what works for your baby and you. also, i found the book to be very vaque- it never really says cry it out, but doesnt tell you exactly what to do, and it says get them on a feeding schedule yet feed them when they are hungry- which sounds like common sense to me. i read the book but didnt get much use out of it i guess. sorry this is long! lol



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