Back To My Prepregnancy Weight

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Emmie - January 29

I am so excited! My son is 9 months old and I am finally down to my prepregnancy weight. I have been hanging on to the last 10 lbs for the last 6 months or so. At the new years I decided I was gonna quit drinking soda. Not even to necissarily lose weight. Just to be healthier. Anyway I just weighed my self and I am at my prepregnancy weight. Yeah! I cant believed it 10lbs in less than a month.


vonzo - January 29

CONGRATULATIONS! How exciting for you, i have about anouther 24lbs to go before i'll be happy so keep your fingers crossed for me! :o) Go and have a shopping spree and treat yourself! xx


shelly - January 29

thats great emmie ,well done,ive got another stone and a half to go.


LisaB - January 29

Isn't that the best feeling ever!!!


cae - January 29

Congrats Emmie. I know, its a great feeling.


lexa - January 29

A huge congrats to you!!! Thats a great accomplishment and a wonderful feeling. I just sure hope your luck wears down to me now:-) I have major toning to do.


Perl - January 29

Congratulations!!!! I'm still waiting I have 5 more pounds but then there's the 10 pounds I gained before I got pregnant because I was stressed.


piratesmermaid - January 29

I've got 5 lbs left until my prepreg weight, but then I'd like to loose another 20 lbs to be at my ideal weight..... ;)


ash2 - January 29

Well i have 15 more pounds to go before pre-preg weight...but i would like to lose a total of 30 pounds before summer !!


SuzieQ - January 29

I have 20 lbs to reach my prepreg weight, and want to lose an additional 5 on that by summer if I can :)


BriannasMummy - January 29

Dont you just love that feeling??? I went to my 6 week apt.. and I lost all of my pregnancy weight.. PLUS 4 pounds!!! WOOHOO!! Congratulations on your success! ~Kristin~


jillianT - January 29

i hate you. no... i'm JUST KIDDING!!!! i'm glad you made it. now i need to get in gear... it'll be summer before i know it.


Felisha - January 29

i only needed to lose 10 lbs after birth to be at prepregnancy. was weighed at 6wk postpartum check up and dotn remember what i weighed but i tell ya i feel fatter. Congrats emmie


apr - January 30

lol. I know its the best feeling ever. At 4 months pp I was back to my ppw. yay. I just love looking like myself once again.


ryanslilmama - January 31

I have to boast somewhere. I worked so hard and am down to my prepregnancy weight minus an extra 10! I'm 5ft tall and now 105 pounds. You girls know what a triumph that is. All my husbands friends keep telling him how hot I am- it makes me smile. I haven't been this small since high school- back into size 1's! Hooray! Ok- I can't brag like that in the real world- thanks for letting me get it out.



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