Bacterial Meningitis

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snugglybugglys - February 26

Okay I'm not writing this to freak anyone out, just to be aware of. My dd got bacterial meningitis at 6 weeks old. She was in the hospital for 2 weeks, and has been on antibiotics for the 2 weeks since she's been home from the ICU. Anyway, I just thought she had a cold or happened VERY fast. During the morning she was fine...smiling...cooing....then 12 pm hit, and she started screaming, so I picked her up to burp her thinking she had some gas...then she threw up, and it was stinky like sickness...after that she was just completely lethargic...I couldn't get her to wake up for the life of me. So I thought maybe she is just tired from puking, or is growing, considering her age. 4 my husband came home, she was still like that...eye put her up in the air fast to get her to open her eyes....she was out of it! She had cookie monster googly. He took her to the ER immediately, and she almost died there! She then had to be lifeflighted to the children's hospital, where they didn't think she would make it. Anyway, I just wanted to say, it's better to be a paronoid freak and call the hospital constantly, then to be too late...I almost was. The dr's said if she would have gone to the ER an hour later, she wouldn't have made it.


snugglybugglys - February 26

My husband came home at 4..sorry I was typing too fast. :)


lexa - February 26

Oh my goodness!!! Im so very glad to hear that she is going to be okay! I couldnt even imagine. And don't think about the what ifs!!! Its better to be paranoid and call for every little detail. You never know what could happen. Do they know how she wouldve gotten this? Shes so young. Im really glad to hear she is doing good though!!!


snugglybugglys - February 26

Well it's GBS, but I had a c-section, and I didn't get tested for it...more than likely, from what the dr's said, is that she got a slight cold, and since she is so young and her immune system isn't as strong as an older child, she must have been around someone with it, and got it that way. That is just a guess though...they are pretty mystified as to how she got it. She has seizures right now, but is on medicine for that. And she has to have a 3rd MRI to see if there will be any permanent damage to her brain from it. She might have had a small stroke, but we won't know more until March 26th. I'm dying to know!


LisaB - February 26

I'm so glad to hear she ok! That scares the c___p out of me I had a friend who had it they read her her last rights and everything but she pulled through scary scary! Do you and your dh need to woory about getting it?


snugglybugglys - February 26

Thanks...she is doing much much better. It is so scary...I'm glad your friend pulled through too. It's the worst thing I've ever gone through, and I hope it's the last. As far as us getting it, there is no way we could now, cause she has been on antibiotics for about a month now. She is 10 weeks old now. But it was scary at first cause we have 4 other kids also...they wouldn't let my husband leave to pick me up to go to the children's hopspital until we both had taken a dose of antibiotics as well, just in case.


Brittany - February 26

wow I'm soo glad she is ok, I hope she gets better and had no damage! Thank you so much for posting this, your spreading the word about what happened with your daughter and what to look for if something is seriously wrong. It is better to be safe than sorry!


lexa - February 26

Is March 26th the date of the 3rd MRI or a doctors appt? I really hope the MRI doesnt show any signs of stroke or permanent damage to her brain! Poor little peanut! She's too young for this. I will definitely keep her (and your family) in my prayers!!! ((((HUGS))))


Lala - February 26

Thank-you for the reminder! We need to be on the look out with our winter babies!! Take care!!!!!!


Mommy_to_be - February 26

How scary...I'm glad you took her in time! I hope the MRI comes out perfectly. Good luck and take care.


snugglybugglys - February 26

Thankyou everyone! :) March 26th is the MRI, tomorrow she goes in for another LP tomorrow to see if the meningitis is gone. Then she has to go back on Thursday to see if she can get herPICC Line removed. (like an IV that goes inside the arm up to the top of her heart). It was a shock cause my others kids NEVER get sick....then she got this! I'm just happy that we are hopefully going to be done with this's draining. And thankful that my little darling is alive! :)


snugglybugglys - February 26

sorry didn't realize I wrote tomorrow twice in the first sentence. :)


Kara H. - February 26

Did you have a scheduled c/section? My c/section happened at 34wks after 16 hours of labor due to preterm rupture of membranes scheduled. Since I didn't make it far enough to get the GBS test they made sure I had two bags of IV antibiotics in me before they did anything to coax labor along. Did you recieve any antibiotics prior to your c/section while at the hosptial? If you did, the chances of pa__sing GBS to the baby are slim to none, though it is possible to pa__s GBS even via c/section if IV antibiotics were not given. Hope your little one is OK. If you have another baby, demand antibiotics for you and baby since you may be a carrier.


luviduvi - February 26

I'm really happy that your lo is still with you! How scary. No mommy should go through the angst. Take care and God Bless!


MM - February 26

That is so scary... but I'm so glad your lo made it to the ER in time! Thank you for posting your story & I hope everything goes well!!!!


3babies - February 26

Good luck with the scan ... thinking of your little girl ... It's so hard to know when they are really sick until it's almost too late sometimes ... you did such a good job with her.


eclipse - February 27

You are so lucky you made it to the hospital in time-bacterial meningitis can be fatal in 12-48 hours. I worked in the er and we had two fatalities while I was there. Good job acting so quickly!!! How is she doing now? Give that baby a hug and don't let go-shes a fighter!



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