Bad Cough Nothing Helps

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mommy716 - February 5

my son is 18 months old and has a very bad cough, cough medicines don't work, neither does orange juice, its at the point where he throws up everytime he coughs, hes been trying to take a nap today but everytime he lies down he starts coughing and throws up! I'm afraid to leave him alone, what should I do?


CaliTrish - February 5

My DS had a sinus cold that eventually turned into a lot of phlegm causing him to cough quite a bit. I finally bought a humidifier. It seemed to improve his congestion almost immediately. Don't really know if it was the humidifier or just coincidence, but DS is back to sleeping through the night and drinking/nursing with no problems. I highly recommend a humidifier if you don’t have one. It couldn’t hurt.


jwhite - February 5

My dd has had a cough for 2 months now and they have done RSV test twice and both times they have come back negative. So I am stuck I have no idea what keeps making her ocugh but it has me so worried but the doctor doesn't seem to be worried. I'm wondering if I need to take her to a different doctor or a specialist (like an allergist)... She coughs so hard that she turns bright red and sounds like she's going to gag, but the past two nights she has slept great, unless I haven't heard her cause I have been sleeping pretty good lately but I would think I would hear her. So that is what has me really wondering about her cause she seems to be fine at night but while she is awake and even naps she'll cough so who knows...


mommy716 - February 5

my son has Asthma and Acid Reflux, but I got a ma__sive cough that sometimes makes me sick, maybe I'm worried about nothing! I dunno!


BaileysMummy - February 6

Have you taken him to the dr to get it checked out. My son had a chest infection and bronchitis a couple of months ago, which can only be treated by antibiotics. He was also htrowing up when he coughed, it's horrible. I hope he gets better soon


Kara H. - February 6

Yep, our ped said that was a sign I needed to bring our son on for evaluation. She also said to look for the sking going in between his ribs when he breaths in as a sign we needed to bring him in. Definitely call your ped. Better to be safe than sorry!


Rabbits07 - February 6

Yes, I agree with the other ladies on a dr. visit. I know reflux can cause coughing as well as other illnesses. He may need a stronger prescription cough suppressant if the cough is due to a cold, bronchitis, etc. OUr pedi never liked otc meds and would rx us an expectorant for the day and suppressant for night time.


mommy716 - February 6

yeah I've taken him to the dr. he had a chest infection last month and was on 4 meds plus his 2 puffers and his zantac, it don't seem the same tho, he seems fine today...but its only early!



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