Bald Spot Sign Of Neglect

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eclectic66 - October 20

Hi all. I was just curious about something. I know that one of the ways that they can determine if a baby is being neglected is by the little bald spot that forms on the back of their heads from laying or sitting for too long. So, today when I was burping my ds I noticed he has a little bald patch starting on the back of his head!! The only ppl that watch him besides myself when I'm at work id my dh and my MIL who lives with us. I know for a fact that he is NOT being neglected, but I am concerned about that little bald spot starting. I know when he sleeps in his crib he pretty much lays in one spot for the longest time (goes down about 11pm-5 or 6am) and when he is awake he loves to lay on the couch and stare at his little mirror and toys and smile and chatter for sometimes up to an hour at a time....could this be causing that or is this a sign that I am letting lay down too much?? I feel like a bad mom Anyone else have or had this problem???


RLWilcox - October 20

I have never heard of that, I know most babies get bald spots due to rolling around an turning their head back and forth. My son has one and he is incredibly spoiled...Honestly I wouldn't worrie about it unless you start to see other signs. Also how old is you son?


suze42 - October 20

Stop worrying...if youre NOT neglecting your kiddo then no worries...It is totally common for the bald spot..and they last awhile can try to avoid it by lying them on their sides to sleep..but really its not worth it if thats not how they sleep. So relax...just a part of infancy. I wanna know what your listiening to that says its neglect...LOL.


jen327 - October 20

Stop Worrying, babies get bald spot because they sleep on their backs. That is 10-12 hours a day with their heads on the same spot! no one ever thinks that is because of neglect. Maybe 30 years ago, but not now.


eclectic66 - October 20

I heard that info on that show 20/20 and on Dateline. They were talking about signs to look for with bad daycare centers and that was one of them. Anyway, I thought I would ask bc his bald spot is a new thing and of course I am a new mom and don't want to be doing the wrong things. So yep, I am a RLWilcox- My ds is 12 weeks old. Ty ladies :-)


DDT - October 20

My ds got a slight bald spot to when he was was just from laying in the same spot when he slept. That was the start of him losing all his "birth hair". He went from having some hair to being almost completely bald. You have nothing to worry are not a bad mom for it...and its very common. I think having a VERY flat head by 4 months might prompt the doc to ask if your baby lies down too much...but not a bald spot. BTW once your ds can move his head from head to side while he is sleeping the bald spot will disappear and hair will grow in.


RLWilcox - October 20

I was just wondering, at 12 weeks they cant sit up by themselves or crawl so they spend alot of time lying down. LOL I'm the same way you are...dont feel bad for worrying.


DB - October 20

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! My dd had both the blad spot AND the flat head! She is nor ever was neglected!!! She had both from sleeping on her back in the same position every night. I don't think a flat head is a sign of neglect either (and hers was pretty bad). Once she began sleeping on her tummy at 6 months her head got much better. If you think about it a newborn sleeps like 18+ hours a day...all you here is "back to sleep" or "face up to wake up", so no wonder they get bald spots and flat heads! You're a great mom!!!! No worries :)


aliciavr6 - October 22

Ive never heard of that either, Almost every baby I know developed a bald spots on the back of their head.


excited2bemama - October 22

NOT true... almost all babies that sleep on their backs develop a bald spot on their head. My dd has one. She sleeps appro16 hours a day on her back- hence the blad spot. When she is awake( and she is with me ALL day) she is never on her back.


countrymom401 - October 22

My lo has one too. I think that If I slept that long everyday that I would have one too. I think you are fine.


eclectic66 - October 23

Thanks again ladies. Like I said I had seen it on 20/20 and Dateline as one of the "neglect" signs and of course it only makes sense that a baby WOULD have a bald spot on the back from all that lying and yeah, I agree with countrymom in that I think I would have one too if I spent all that time on my back sleeping lol


maryg - October 24

Do you give her "tummy time"? Our pediatrician said anytime the baby's awake and being supervised, we should put her on her tummy. It helps their muscles develop and keeps them from getting the flat head. Also she said it's important to start tummy time early or they'll end up not liking it when you try to roll them over when they're older. Hope this helps!


raeshawn - November 1

I think babies just get bald spots. My 4 month daughter has one and I haven't let her sleep on her back since she she was 1 month old. She sleeps on her stomach.



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