Banging His Head When Mad Kinda Long

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rl- - January 15

ok this weekend we had my ds birthday party which turned out great by the way but I saw my best friends son he is 3 months older then my ds and he is a cutie and running all over and pretty much a good baby but when he gets mad and I saw him do this he hits his head...either with his hands well fists or he will slam it down on the floor or on the wall or door or whatever he can get to...when I saw him do it he was in the pack n play with my ds and he wanted out and he just grabbed the railing and smacked his head on it thankfully it was soft and did not hurt him but my best friend says he does it all the ds gets mad and he will throw himself back wards which that is pretty common and not a big deal but this head hitting thing I was just wondering if anyone else is dealing with this my best friend does not know what to do and I feel so bad we have not had time latley to spend with each other she would not leave her baby ever to go out now she is over that and we are starting to spend more time any advice I could pass on to her would be great thanks....


soon2bemomof3 - January 15

my dd is 2 years old and sometimes does that, bangs her head on the floor when she's mad. theres really nothing you can do about it though. she doesn't do it all the time but when she does it bothers me but nothing I do helps.


sahmof3 - January 15

Both of my boys have done this. Like soon2bemomof3 said, there's not really anything you can do (except I guess try to keep them on relatively soft flooring, etc. LOL). Don't worry too much... it's an anoying phase, but they grow out of it.


Robyn212006 - January 15

I seen something about this on a tv show. The lady's son was about 2 and he would lay down and hit his head on the floor over and over again. The lady was told to ignore the fact he was hitting his head on the floor because he was just trying to get his own way and if she gave in he would continue to do so. I dont know if that will help your friend but it seemed to work for the lady on the show.


SonyaM - January 15

My first son did this when he was about 15 months old for quite a few months. We ingored him. He would do it and look up at us for our reaction. We just ignored it and PRAYED like crazy he didn't hurt himself. He eventually stopped doing it. I would say if he's meeting all of his milestones then I would tell her to just ignore it as best she can.


rl- - January 16

thanks for all your anwers that is what I was thinking to just ignor it and that is what he does when he hears no so hopefully for her sake he will grow out of it....



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