Baseboard Heaters

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DDT - November 28

My ds (9 months) recently discovered the baseboard heaters. Does anyone know of a saftey mesh I can attach to it to stop any prying fingers from getting burnt? Does anyone else have these in their home? and how are you making them baby-safe? Thanks!


excited2bemama - November 28

We have them in our house... dd isn't crawling yet but I never thought of this. I don't know that they get hot enough to burn skin though... in ours you really have to stick your hand in really far to touch the part that gets hot... hmmm


DDT - November 28

I didn't think they could actually burn fingers either but I called my brother who has installed some in the past and he said they can be hot enough to burn or at the least hurt a lot. With our heaters he would have to put his whole hand into it to actually get to the hot part. I've said "NO" a few times when he's gone to put his fingers into it or drop toys (plastic b___s) into it (!)....and of course being a baby/child he goes back to it over and over like its a game. I just don't want to have to worry about the possibilty of him burning himself. I checked online today and apparently no "baby-safe" mechanism is made for these heaters. They suggest putting furniture in the way to block your baby. The thing is that I have 4 of them in my kitchen/living room combined. There is also a big one in his room right in front of the window. I won't be able to block them all off. It's just such a pain! The older he gets the quicker he is going to get....can you imagine a 2 year old trying to get his hand in there just because you said "no"?!


starlight_94 - November 29

My baseboards dont get hot enough to burn....but even though, we use electric heaters b/c our house is VERY energy efficiant and oil prices are rediculous.... it ends up being WAY cheaper for us. Also my ds(same age) thinks no is a game, so I distract him when he does something i dont want him to do....say he goes to the outlet I get him and give him a toy.. hope it helps a little


excited2bemama - November 29

yeah we have them Everywhere in the house and I guess that is enough think i am going to have to be careful about. Grrrr I can't imagine what I am going to do when dd is walkign and crawling and getting into things.. we need to baby proof our house so bad but we just started a major remodel project so the whole place is a mess!!


mamagoose - November 29

We've got them just in the upstairs of our house, luckily, and I've just blocked them as much as I can so he can't get at them. For the one in his room I put a toybox in front of it that he can't get around or move, and so far it's been out-of-sight, out-of-mind.



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