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lmk - September 20

Hi, my brother gave me a bassinet that they used for my niece 4 years ago. I've looked everywhere (online, google, retail stores) and I cannot find any sheets that fit the pad 14x29. The closest I can find is 13x29. I don't like the way it fits, and I think the sheets will shrink in the wash, but my husband thinks they're ok...any advice? I'd hate to spend a lot of money on something we'd only use for a month, but I want the baby to be safe...and I'm not sure if the smaller sheet is going to curl the bassinet pad too much or what. Maybe we should just get a co-sleeper or something else all together? I'd like the baby to sleep in our room for at least the first 6 months...although not in our bed.


excited2bemama - September 20

i am not sure what the standard basinette size is but the sheets are probably 13x29 so that they are super tight like crib sheets so there is no danger of them coming up or loose and suffocating them. if you are only planning on using it for a month then I would think they would be fine. In the first month or so when they can't even roll you can also put down a recieving blanket as a sheet- but not after they can move around. If you want the baby in your room for 6 months a basinette isn't coming to cover it b/c usually they outgrow them by 2-3 months. We moved my dd to a crib in her own room at 2.5 months- It was hard and I wasn't ready but she was too big for the basinette.


wailing - September 22

U could try the Pac n Play sheets maybe? They are smaller then a crib sheet but big enough not to scrunch up the mattress. I moved ds to his crib at 5kws. He hated his ba__sinett,never slept great in it, and loved his crib instantly.


Punkin - September 22

I have a ba__sinet like this, I went to Babies R Us and bought a new mattress for it because the one that came with it was so thin. It was only $13 and it is 3x as thick at least as the thin peice they call a mattress, I think the extra thickness might help the sheets fit better! Good Luck!


lmk - September 22

Punkin...did you get the same size mattress? I was thinking of safety pinning the sheets on the underside, if they're too large in length only. I just don't understand why they don't make that size anymore!


suze42 - September 22

I agree w/ excited...i just put a flannel receiving blanket down and tucked it under...then my position went on that...I kept both of my babes in the ba__sinett for about a month or 6wks...They are also swaddled so they dont budge... You could always start out w/the ba__sinet since its free..and if you dont feel like moving baby to the crib THEN you could buy a co-sleeper. But both of my babes were fine moving to crib at 4-6wks. Good Luck


aliciavr6 - September 24

I use receiving blankets for things like that as well


Punkin - September 25

I just got the one they sell at Babies R Us. It is 3, maybe 4, times as thick as the flimsy one that came with it. I would imagine since they sell the mattress there, you'd be able to find the sheets to fit the new mattress. The one I bought was off by an inch somewhere when I measured the old one, but it fit perfectly into the ba__sinet! It looks and feels so much more comfy!



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