Bassinet To Crib Transition When

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Laikens Mom - August 31

When should you start putting your little one in a crib rather than a bassinet?


m - September 1

i tried to move my 4 week old baby in a crib for two nights. she was fine, but last night she ended on her stomach off the positioner that we use. i didn't feel comfortable with that so tonight she's back in her snug bed until she gets bigger for the crib.


Alisha - September 1

It depends on the baby and on the mommy. My baby hated the ba__sinette and slept better in the crib only after a few weeks old. I slept better to, I didnt hear his every move and wake up to it. Just watch your baby signs. Is he comfy, sleeping well, have enough room?


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - September 1

I agree with Alisha, we put Amaya in her crib after about 3 weeks. She slept almost all night after about a week. We all slept better.


Katharine - September 1

Our pediatrician wanted our daughter to be in a crib by 3 months. I wanted to wait until I had gone back to work, so there wouldn't be so much transition at once, but she stopped sleeping in the ba__sinet and once we put her in the crib, she slept great.


KH - September 1

my situation is exactly how Alisha stated. My baby grunts alot, so we moved him to the crib at 3 weeks and I sleep so much better now. I felt bad at first, but now I'm feeling much better (he is 6 weeks now). He didn't like the ba__sinette and seems to like the crib much better :)


MJM - September 1

My daughter was in her crib in her own room since day 1. It really depends on your child. I am glad I had to never think about this. I wont have a ba__sinet with my son either


Laikens mom - September 1

Thank you very much for all the advice! I will try when he is three weeks!


Amber - September 1

we put my daughter in the crib when she was 7 weeks (a week ago) She is doing really good I am the one with the issues. I dont want her to be alone in the room so I made a pallet on the floor and me and my fiance sleep in there with her every night. I know its crazy but It is so hard for me to leave her we tried to sleep in our room lastnight and I couldnt do it. We are going to try again this weekend. Wish me luck lol...and good luck with you baby!!



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