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kris313 - January 23

Our ped. told us to give our lo a bath 3-4 times a week instead of every day. Its supposed to help with dry skin in the winter. So I tell my SIL this and she said they only give my niece a bath every other day regardless of the weather. So how often does everyone give their lo's a bath?


Emmie - January 23

I give my son a bath every other day and when he gets a bad poopy diaper. Sometimes more often than that though because he likes them a lot. I would say give them as often as you want just make sure you use lots of lotion.


krnj - January 23

I give my son a bath every other day. He loves his baths!


srigles - January 23

I give my son a bath every night. It's part of his "before bed" ritual! I just put lots of lotion on him, and he's had absolutely no skin issues of any kind.


ssmith - January 23

Yeah, I bath dd every night too as part of our bedtime routine. She has beautiful, soft skin. I ma__sage lotion on her, so she doesn't get dry....


apr - January 23

i also give a bath every night. no problem whatsoever.


sahmof3 - January 23

I used to bathe my oldest every night, but when he got eczema I had to go to every other night and eventually every 3rd night... then that combined with the Eucerin finally relieved it. Oh, and if he had a bad poopy I'd give him one.


BreaunasMommy - January 23

I give my dd one ervery other night unless she has a bad poopy diaper as well


18wbabynov - January 23

wow... im a horrible mother! my dd is 9weeks, and i had NO idea to give her a bath that often... how old are all of your lo's??? i give her a bath a maximum of 2times per week... i was affraid her skin would get dry... but maybe she's a dirty little kid... am i supposed to give her a bath soooo often? she loves them, so i wouldnt mind, but what am i supposed to be doing with a 2 month old?


kellens mom - January 23

18wbabynov, when dd was that young, we didn't give her baths everyday. I think we started giving her one every otherday when she was 3 months. Otherwise it was "as needed". The only reason we give dd baths so often now is because she is 9 months old and absolutely loves the tub. Most days we only wash her hair. So she is not exposed to soap all the time. Like so many have mentioned, we slather on the lotion. When your lo gets into more of a nightly ritual, you may consider giving baths more frequently. Until then, bath as needed. I am sure you are a terrific mom!


vonzo - January 23

I bath my dd every night. She loves her bath and it calms her down before bed. She's used to her little routine now, she knows it's bath, bottle and then bed.


vonzo - January 23

oops forgot to add, we always put on baby lotion or oil before getting her into her jim jams to stop her getting dry skin.


kellens mom - January 23

vonzo is "jim jams" a family word or a slang word in your country? (England?) Back to those cultural things that I always love to read on this forum!


Shea - January 23

Every other night. I don't know how I would get lotion on him, he barely lets me get his diaper and jammies on he is squirming around so much. He does love his bath toys and splashing around so much I have been thinking of giving him one every day, maybe when it warms up.


jenn95 - January 23

18wbabynov - you are not a bad mother!!! little babies do not need a bath more than what you are doing now! many moms like to give them baths for fun or for a bedtime routine, but a 9 week old baby is not dirty! if you don't think the baby is dirty, don't stress it! i would suggest a wash down after a big poop or something, but i'm sure you thought of that yourself too. don't worry! you're doing fine!


Nerdy Girl - January 23

My 1yo and 4yo get baths every other day. The exception is in the summer when they would be running around, sweaty, playing in the sandbox, etc. Then it's everyday!


LisaB - January 23

Ds gets a bath every night as part of our bedtime ritual. His skin is a bit dry but he loves his bath and it totally relaxes him so we carry on.



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