Bath Every Night

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LisaB - January 23

Ds gets a bath every night as part of our bedtime ritual. His skin is a bit dry but he loves his bath and it totally relaxes him so we carry on.


mcatherine - January 23

I have to bathe my son every other day because of his skin. I did bathe him every night until we turned the heater on and his poor little skin got so dry and flaky. He does get lotion every night before pjs.


Steph - January 23

I give Trevor a bath every night as it's part of his bedtime routine. Bath, "j's", and b___bs...he knows what's coming after he gets a tubby!


Steph - January 23

He also gets lotioned up every night as well with the lavender baby lotion. He smells soooo good!


AshleyB - January 23

I bathe ds every night. Its part of his bedtime routine. I know he doesn't technically NEED a bath every night, but it calms him down and he sleeps better. Like every other night I just kinda rinse him down a bit, not really suds him up, I know he's not really dirty, i just do it for the sake of routine, and he loves it.


ashtynsmom - January 23

Daily!! it is part of her bedtime routine, plus she is at daycare and plays hard all day. I have to wash all of the germs off at night!! Also, she loves to rub her food in her hair, for some reason. I think that looks so gross for babies to have food in their hair long after the meal is over. ICK!


vonzo - January 23

oooo i'm scottish not english!! :o) hehe jim jams mean pjamas/pj's/jammys... you get the drift :o)


Bonnie - January 23

Every other day unless he poops up to his ears. ;) His skin dries out too much for every day.


vonzo - January 23

oh sorry, erm i'm not too sure if it's a family thing or general phrase. I just remember my folks using it all the time so it kinda rubs off. I have heard other people use it too though.


Bonnie - January 23

18wbaby...mason got bathed 2 times a week at that age too. Don't be silly girl!................Vonzo, lol Jimjams, I have not heard of that one yet. I'll have to try that on my DH tonight. (Scottish too). I forgot what part you were from. *blush*


kris313 - January 23

Thanks ladies for all the responses! I just started posting on here a couple of weeks ago (been a peeper forever though). My daughter will be 5 mos. on the 28th and I swear I still have NO idea what I'm doing!


Emily - January 23

Every night, I know she doesn't really need it, but she will not sleep unless she has one. I started it as part of her night time routine and now if she doesn't get one, she gets relly fussy and cries until she gets her bath. I just load up on the baby lotion to combat dry skin. I only use soap every other day, well more often now that she is rolling around on the floor more…..but I know you don’t relaly have to every night, that every other night is fine…even in the summer, as long as they are not mobil enough o work up a sweat or to get dirty….


shelly - January 23

i bath my ds every other day, i think thats ok for that age [6 months but when hes crawling and getting into everything i will proberly bath every day, i think whatever you feel comfy with .


vonzo - January 23

im from Perth originally but now live in Angus...there's a real scottish name for you LOL where's your dh from?


livdea - January 23

every other day usually. maybe go two days if we have just been at home!


BriannasMummy - January 23

I give my 6 week a bath almost every night .. we do the bath bottle bed routine. It seems when I try to skip the bath she gets fussy.. its like she depends on it! She loves the shower most.. she would stay in that shower all day and all night if i let her! We lather her up with some lotion after the shower and she doesnt have any skin issues at all. ~Kristin~



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