Bath Time We Both Hate It

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Annette - March 19

After a long 4 weeks, I finally gave my ds a "nice" tub bath. GOD, he really hates it . Ok, he cries for everything: when I change his diaper, when I put him in the carrier, when he gets hiccups... but the bath thing, phew, it´s like I am trying to drown him. I check that the water is not too hot/cold, I use soft no-tear shampoo and considering the aproval the entire process has, I really make it as quick as posible. Anyone has/had a similar experience while bathing a newborn baby? I feel like the worst mother on earth for torturing him so badly... but he stinks! Is there anything else that I should take into consideration that I might be forgtetting?


SonyaM - March 19

This is pretty normal and it usually gets better. Just remember, everything is new to them and it must be scary! I think most babies end up loving bathtime so be patient and try to keep the routine the same. Good Luck.


erin - March 20

sorry but that's just the way it is for some babies. mine actually started tolerating the bath at 9 weeks. he would scream bloody murder from 2 to 9 around 8 weeks, my husband and i started singing to him while we were bathing him (yes, it was always a team effort, mostly for the efficiency factor)...we would sing "Old MacDonald"...but on his farm there was a baby...with a waaaa waaaa here and a waaaa waaaa there...anyways, you get the point...for some reason he was pretty silent while we were singing most of the time, but like i said, he was cool with the bath by 9 weeks and started really loving it by about 12 will get better for you!


Zacks Mom - March 20

It's normal but it gets better at 3 months for me. The thing that works for me is not to strip him naked. I take out piece by piece when I come to each part. The other thing that helps me is to leave a warm wash cloth on his chest. This is so that he won't feel too expose. He still cries at times but not really crying "bloody murder".


Justine1 - March 20

Its normal - Sophie hated baths too up to 3 or 4 months. She used to scream and then our cat would attack us too because she thought we were committing some major child abuse - fun for all the family! They do get better with age and also Sophie likes it if you whizz her along in the bath and try and make it fun.


Ca__sieSong - March 20

LOL Justine... your cat story made me laugh. But yeah Annette... my dd hated baths too. Now at 3 mos she is starting to really like them. I make sure the water is nice and toasty. I know some say to make it lukewarm... but she likes it better roasty toasty. I also keep a warm washcloth on her tummy if she starts getting antsy. She loves getting water poured over her head and now is smiling/gurgling during bathtime.


Dalfie - March 20

I've heard that the washcloth trick is supposed to work wonders... Didn't change a thing for us... our son has loved being naked from the time he was born... makes bathtime easier, but I wonder what problems we'll have later on!!! If you decide to try our bath trick, be careful... my husband takes his shower... when he's ready, I strip our son and put him in with daddy... our son prefers the water warmer too.... when the baby is relaxed, I reach in and soap him up carefully.... he gets REALLY slippery, so we have to be very careful... then daddy rinses him off... by that time, I'm ready with a towel. I love not having a tub to clean, or a flood of water everywhere...


Annette - March 20

Dalfie, that´s exactly what my parents did with my brother and I when we were babies! At least I am glad to see there are other babies who don´t really love the bath, I was affraid one of my neighbors would call CS one of these days.


PaigeMeagans mommy - March 21

my daughter is 2 1/2 months and loves her long as she is not in there to long. She only hated her bath for about the first month, but ever since then she has been fine. I make the water real warm and she loves it. I constantly keep putting water on her so she doesn't get cold and she will just sit there and kick her feet around.


Erin1979 - March 21

Sounds familair!! My daughter HATED the water! But after a few months she really started to enjoy her bath time, and now she is SO excited when she hears the tub running. It makes me laugh how fast she changed!! Hang in there!


kris Al. - March 21

I dont have time normally for the whole traditional splash in the bath thing, so I wrap her in a towel (naked WAY TOO SLIPPERY) and bring her in the shower with me. Then I softly scrub her head and neck, rinse - peel towel back and do belly, rinse, recover her belly, flip her over, peel towel back, do back, rinse, do her bum and privates and legs, and toes, and rinse... then drop towel on shower floor and hand now naked, clean and happy baby over to dad who wraps her in dry towel and puts new diapers on and nightie. 5 minutes, tops - and no stinky baby. She'll be 4 months in a few days.


kris Al. - March 21

the only downside (if you consider it a downside) is that daddy oggles mommy and you have to put up with a few comments about how he'd like the shower.... :)


Bonnie - March 21

My 8 week old is still the same way, he HATES it. I bath himonce a week at this point unless he gets too dirty and will do more when he adjusts better. One thing that made it easier for me was the pillow I got from Babies R Us. Someone here recommended it to me and I just lay it in the big bath tub and set him on that. It's easier than trying to wash him one handed when he is so mad.


sandaz - March 21

Some tips that really worked for me: 1) Warms wash cloth on the tummy. 2) Keep the cloth on their tummy warm the whole time. 3) Talk to them all the time (singing helps too). 4) Give half a feed before bath time and the other half afterwards. 5)Heat the room up beforehand and keep it warm the whole time. 6) Repit_tion repit_tion repit_tion, do everything in the same order etc everytime.



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