Bath Tub Vs Spunge Bath

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Layla - July 11

My ds is 6 wks old. I've been giving him spunge baths (out of the water) until now. When is it ok to give him a bath in a tub. How old was your lo when you started?


Tillie - July 11

Around 4 weeks, my husband and I started taking baths with our baby. One of us will sit by the tub with a towel and soap, and the other will get into the tub and hold her. She loves it--she's now almost 6 weeks and has never cried taking a bath. I highly recommend this method! It makes them feel secure when they can hold on to you in the water, and it's fun to dunk each little body part in and watch their face change. Just make sure to get the bathroom steamy before undressing your baby!


Layla - July 11

That does sound like a nice idea. I think we'll give it a try. Thank you.


ash2 - July 11

have you got a baby bathtub ?they say you can give tham a tub after their umbilical cord falls off. but he can have one any time after around 3 weeks. i gave my first one after 4 weeks, and second one around 6 weeks . I WOULD NOT reccomend a tub bath that you acyually take one in even that small because of too much space.


mommie2b - July 11

Around 3 weeks we started giving him a bath in the tub and thank GOD because he took a screaming mad fit when we gave him a sponge bath he did not like that and once we sat him in the tub he loved it. Once the umbilical cord falls off then put them in the bath tub.


Yodergoat - July 11

You can give tub baths as soon as the navel is healed. I want to second Tillie's recommendation of taking a bath WITH the baby! It is wonderfully fun and sweet, and my daughter (now 4 months) loves it. We can spend a long time just playing, nursing, and singing in the tub together after she is all clean. She was neutral about baths before, when I would give them in her little baby-tub... now she loves them. You just have to keep a good hold on the baby, but you have to do that in a baby tub anyway!


Christy - July 11

I started Ben in the tub after his umbilical cord fell off. We have one of those tubs with the hammock attachment for newborns and it worked well for us.



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