BBK Amp JLorenzo You R Missed

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Narcissus - December 17

Many of us miss you! I hope you both will find time to come back and hang out with us, even if it's just a post or two... I hope all is well and happy holidays to you both.


The real Lissi - December 17



monica - December 17

same are missed we dont have any dads around here.


Amayas Mommy AKA Stephanie - December 17



Beccah - December 17

Yeah, where ARE you guys?? William C. Anthrax isn't very entertaining anymore...


BBK - December 18

Hi all! Posting from work is kind of impossible these days. Maybe when my a__sistant starts in Jan I can get a better with time management but now it's chaotic! I've got some news too! I became an uncle yesterday!!! My SIL gave birth by caesarian to a healthy little girl weighing 6lbs 15oz and 20 inches long! Anna can't wait to meet her new cousin! How are you all doing. I'll try to browse through your posts, but I think everyone is well and so are your little ones (minus some colds here and there). Anna is doing great and I look forward to the holidays so I can see her more. Be well and I'll visit more often!


Narcissus - December 18

Congrats, Uncle BBK! That is wonderful news and it is pretty cool that Anna will have a cousin to grow up with:) I am sure Anna is going to get spoiled this x-mas so please post some new pics!! Aja is doing well, standing, about to walk, throwing b___s, tantruming... He never gets sick, either:) I posted some new pics of him at -- Happy Holidays!


Shelly - December 18

Hey BBK,we 've missed you!! Happy to hear everything is well,Jesse is doing great too.Congrats on becoming an uncle!!!


monica - December 18

so great to hear from you. congrats on becoming an uncle. glad to hear that Anna is doing great...happy holidays and hope to hear from you soon.


BBK - December 18

Good to hear from everyone! I miss you all too! I miss talking about my little princess and hearing the same from you. Of course I also can't believe how much this infant care forum has grown!!!! Happy holidays to you too! Since we all have new babies it'll be extra special


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 19

Glad Anna is doing well! Visit soon and have a great holiday!



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