BBK Immunization Question

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monica - October 7

Hi BBK how many days did it take Anna to get back to her usual self after her shots?


not BBK - October 7

this should be interesting to hear . If I was him I don't think I'd even attempt to answer because supposed for something that is 'supposed' to beneficial can reap all kinds of havoc . What is happening to your little one ? inotherwards is something wrong and what is it ?


anna - October 7

it took my 2 month old 2-3 days. by the way mice name on your baby!!!:)


BBK ® © - October 7

Monica she was vaccinated on Saturday at about noon. She was back to normal on Monday morning in terms of temperature. We gave her the last infant tylenol Sunday night. The thigh swelling went completely away on Thursday, "not BBK" If you had a spine and actually have a point to make, you would post those comments under your usual alias. It seems you have neither!


monica - October 7

thanks BBK he doesnt have a fever but he seems extra fussy and woke up a lot last night. Also he has not been eating like usual. Cant wait till he feels better.


lol - October 7

even normally mellow people seem to be testy today. in any case "not bbk" could you clarify what you meant, personally I thought you were saying that it would be hard to answer such a question.


BBK ® © - October 7

"lol" I'm not a fan of people posting under dubious aliases. They usualy aim to stir up trouble.... plus it's pretty hot in my apartment right now :-) Monica it can take two to three days.... or it could be unrelated. If no fever, I wouldn't worry, but you can call your doc if he's fussy tomorrow. I think Anna maybe having some pre-teething disturbances. She bites her hand alot and she tried to bite my finger and rub it on her upper gum


some alias - October 7

sorry BBK I may have stirred up trouble mildly and only occasionally at one time but it's been a very long time since and I am not interested in stirring up trouble but let us try to keep the question of immunization and other issues fact not fiction. You usually do a reasonable job of answering others questions heck I've even refered you to others but your referances to studies have really got to go . sincerely your best friend CMJ... PS - they are not aliases they are t_tles but if making note of CMJ is appropriate for you I will try to remember to make that a mention for you . You did a great job answering here thus far and unlike myself refrained from telling the truth even though you know the truth , now that's professionalism ... I want to be just like you


CMJ - October 7

monica : if I may without seeming like I'm interfering ... your child is showing some rather normal signs to immunization although some children take it quite easily and show almost no reactions or signs just keep a good mental record of differences in your child .


great - October 7

CMJ is back, d__n....was hoping you were banned.


CMJ - October 8

banned? any reason? ... hope this is not an offensive question.


monica - October 8

BBK Caleb is drooling a lot and sticking his fist in this mouth.... but I thought he would be too young for teething. I thought my question was just a simple one I think someone is trying to pick on you......


Alias - October 8

nobody is picking on anyone here ... its actually quite simple , immunization is a serious issue with alot of pros and cons . Children can become quite uncomfortable due to foreign bodies entering their system sometimes (although rarely ) with serious implications . knawing on the fist is and drooling could be a sign of teething regardless of age but the likeliness of reacting from the shot is higher . I admire that BBK would make efforts to answer your question . He does okay but himself does not seem to be cautious about the subject . anyway I wasn't invited here so you guys have at it and sorry for b___ting in where I wasn't invited .


just curious - October 8

ok, i'm new to this site, who is bbk? and how does he know alot of info? is he a dr? or does he read alot or what? just curious.


CMJ - October 8

he is a decent young guy ... a new dad and really takes a good interest in information and goes out of his way to help out here . He has medical background and as you can tell really hates me or at least likes to hate me . I appreciate his feelings for me lol really he doesn't hate anybody and shys away from contraversy


TO CMJ - October 8



BBK ® © - October 8

Professionalism? huh what? who? Where am I (LOL) CMJ, I got a lot of love for you... I'm not that young though. Anyway monica asked me how long it took my daughter to recover from the shots?! Monica I'd say pay attention to caleb's bitting. I don't think he'll get teeth yet but his gums are probably becoming itchy in preparation. Vaccination is serious, I completely agree.



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