Bedtime Problem We Disagree I Need Help

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Bree - January 17

My son is now a yr old (almost 13 months). My hubby is a stay at home dad. I work full-time. He lays down w/our son to get him to take naps during the day and that's also how he goes to bed. It's became a real problem. When he was younger he gave us no trouble, but it's now ridiculous. Since hubby created this monstor if you will I think HE should exclusively have to lay there w/him for 30 minutes to an hour (sometimes). Son fights going to sleep. He thrashes around, sits up, flops down all over the bed really badly. I can't hardly stand laying there. I get frustrated b/c he's well old enough for CIO. I've tried here and there to put him in his bed and his Daddy always comes in and rescues him. I'm just frustrated but I can't get him to see that he's making him more spoiled. He's teaching him to scream/cry and he gets his way. Once he's asleep we put him in his bed and he's fine. If I'd put up w/it he'd be in our bed all night but I CAN'T sleep if he's in there. Any advice would be most appreciated. My nerves are frazzled!


ash2 - January 17

Well im not really gonna be any help because our DS just started sleeping in his own bed and he is 4 years old ! lol....the only thing i can tell you is be consistant. Are you home every night ? Make sure he knows that when you get home that it is your routine and if he is with his dad, then he can do it his way. I really didnt push the idea of him sleeping in his own bed because i liked him there with us , :)


rl- - January 17

you really need to start a routine better late than never...but when it is bed time he needs to be put in HIS BED and if he can sit still for maybe a bedtime story and yes I agree it is time for CIO and dh needs to let him be it won't take that long to get him trained really with my 1st son I made the mistake of putting him in our bed when he would wake in the middle of the night well he got used to it and well I got to the point where I could not sleep I would wake up with my ds on my pillow taking over my whole side of the bed so we had to start leaving him in his bed and the first couple of nights he cried and cried but we held firm and soon he was staying in his bed that is why I learned my lesson and never did that again so really I feel for you but like I said if your ds likes to look at books try story time at bed time then say time for night night and put him in bed and make him stay there your not gonna hurt him by letting him cry a little really...I wish you luck!! and what in the world was your dh thinking by laying with him LOL.... men!!


Lisastar9 - January 17

Maybe try to get your dh to watch suppernanny I think it might help him to understand parents need to be in agreement on raising your child.



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