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gaudior - October 26

We've been having a lot of difficulty getting dd to sleep at night (up until 6AM some nights!) so I'm pretty desperate to get a better bedtime routine. I'm curious what you all think a good routine for a 4-week old is? We tend to stay up late, but should we put her to bed early? Her crib is on the third floor and we spend all our time on the first floor so I've been reluctant to leave her alone so "far" away from us, but if she gets overtired as a result? She also sleeps a lot during the day... usually when one of us is holding her (yes we're fostering all sorts of bad habits, but I can only listen to her fuss and cry for so long.) Also, how do you dress your lo for bed? When I put a onesie, sleeper and swaddle on her, her back feels really hot after a few minutes. Our bedroom is fairly cool (67 degrees or so.) Thanks for your help... I'm really feeling my newbie status (and sleep depravation!)


DDT - October 26

Hi! We understand where you're coming from because we have all been there or are still there. My first bit of advice would be to get your lo used to an early bedtime (7-8pm would be ideal). It sounds as if she is starting to get her day/nights mixed. All the sleeping during the day and then staying up all night. That way you can also avoid the over-tired cranky stage. Invest in a good monitor so you can put your mind at ease. A good routine (from my readings "The Baby Whisperer" 3rd series; and personal experience) would be to start cluster feeding (2 bottles 1.5hrs apart from each other) right before bed time. After the 1st cluster do some very low key like going for a walk. Then bath, 2nd cluster feed and the bedtime. Swaddle & soother (if she takes one). The book I've mentioned goes into a lot of detail and its a worthy investment IMO. It also sounds as if your lo is sweating and too hot...Try putting her in a long-sleeved onsie with a sleep sack and see if that helps. Good luck!!


slackette - October 26

I've been in your shoes exactly! Right around 6 weeks or so I read the happiest baby on the block (I highly recommend it). Swaddling made a world of difference at bedtime for us. But as for the routine, I completely agree with DDT about an early bedtime. My LO goes to bed exactly b/w 7-8pm even though we go to be much later than that. At first I thought it would be horrible for him to have such an early bedtime, but now I love it! It gives me time to watch my favorite shows and spend some QT with DH. I start off every night at 7pm or so with a nice long bath, as long as he wants to be in there (it relaxes him and tires him out). Then its ma__sage time with lotion, then a swaddler (and only a swaddler, he got WAY too overheated with clothes on underneath - clearly a diaper still on though). Then the lights go to dim and I put on a mellow CD. I give him one b___st, then offer him 4oz of a bottle. He usually falls asleep during the bottle and I put him in his crib. He consistently sleeps b/w 6-9 hours after this routine. I have the angel care monitor and a good regular monitor (Sony), so I feel completely comfortable going down to the bas____nt to watch movies with DH while he sleeps in his room. I recommend BOTH those monitors for peace of mind, but thats just my opinion. Also, try to keep your LO up a bit more during the day. I make sure that when he goes down for naptime, it doesn't seem like bedtime, so no swaddling, no lights off, and no extreme quite. The naps aren't that long, but at least he goes to sleep at night....Don't worry, you will find a good routine, your LO is only 4 weeks, I expect you'll get one down within then next month or so (BTW, my LO is 11 weeks, and has been doing this since 6 weeks or so). GL!!


wailing - October 27

Honestly, at 4 wks, I don't know that many babies sleep very long. At this point they are still learning how to soothe, figure out their surroundings and need to eat alot. My ds (now 17 wks) has been sleeping beautifully off and on since about 6 wks but really b4 that things were a little crazy. Of course I read all the books and did try to set up a routine (futile most of the time until 6wks). Naptimes are really important to try and get down. But, don't worry too much about bad habits. At this point anything u can do to sleep is worth a try. My lo slept in his carseat for 3 wks, then his swing, then in bed w/ us. But, I can tell u that suddenly overnite (on his own) out of nowhere, he started sleeping 5-6 hrs, then 10hrs in his own crib:-) It will happen soon. Just keep doing what ur doing. Swaddling is great. And def read Baby Whisperer and Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. Great books to help give u an idea how to makeup a solid routine. What helped me most was following the theory that young bb's shouldn't be up for more then 2hrs actively. Good Luck!!!



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