Bedtime Routines Do You Have One

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Lissi - October 20

My daughter is 4 and a half weeks, and still doesn't have a routine. Do you have a bedtime routine for your baby? If so, what is it? When did you start it, and what time do you put them down? Thanks, from a clueless, first-time mommy. :)


Amanda N - October 20

We syarted right away doin a bath, then bottle, then bed. She is 6 months now and has know fir awhike that a bath means a bottle is coming and then goes right to bed. If she misses her bath it is a rough night.


BBK ® © - October 20

At 4.5 weeks don't expect much Lissi. 4.5 months... maybe! We have a routine: it consists of me holding and rocking her to sleep while I sing some lullabys and the stereo is playing a running faucet I recorded from our kitchen faucet! After about 45 minutes she falls asleep, wakes up after 10 minutes, and as soon as I pick her up she falls asleep, I put her back on her crib and she sleeps throught the night. Not a good one, but that 45 minute rocking and walking with her is also my workout! :-)


Tracey - October 20

my daughter is 7.5 months and we started her bedtime routime around 3 months. It consists of a bath, then a story, then a bottle, then we put her in her crib AWAKE. She goes to bed around 7:30 and sleeps until 7 the next morning. It wasn't always that easy though. She was addicted to sleeping in her swing and wanted nothing to do with her bed from about 4 weeks to 3 months. Doc gave the best advice. Put her in her bed and let her cry it out. Took her 3 hours but it worked. Now she goes right to sleep. I wouldn't recommend that for another couple months though. The best you can hope for at 4 weeks is to get any sleep at all. Good luck


Emma - October 20

My daughter is 5 weeks old and our very simple routine on a good night consists of bathtime, getting dressed and cuddling, nursing and rocking, then sleepytime! (if we're lucky) she's still so young that I don't expect bedtime to go as planned all the time. Last night, she didn't fall asleep until 1:30 AM, then woke up at 3. Some nights she sleeps for like 6 hours though :)


ally - October 20

it takes time, at 4 and a half weeks she'd fall asleep drinking her milk then we would pray she would stay asleep as we put her down. she developed a routine on her own, accidental though and we kept going every night, it wasnt til around maybe 3 months, she has a bath, bottle and gets put in her ba__sinett awake and she talks to her toys above it til she falls asleep, it was just by chance one day we put her in and she didnt cause a scandal so it kept going ever since.. i still get a day time scandal, she is still in the ba__sinett at 5 mths would u believe and i gotta take her out and into a cot...... it will happen naturally for u but dont expect too much just yet, she is in bed by 830, 9 which is late for a baby and wakes anywhere from 6 til 8, occasionally 9


ally - October 21

just some additional advice when she gets that little bit older or as soon as u can try to get outta the habit of putting her to sleep in ur arms if u do as the others have mentioned, if u can do what tracey and i do, put her to bed awake life is a whole lot easier as i dont imagine its pleasant when u have a heavy 7 mth old boofer still wanting to be rocked in ur arms, u can make it hard for urself and altho im a first time parent i have tried my hardest not too, good luck


monica - October 21

yes we have a routine. at around 7:30 he gets a bath, then a lotion ma__sage, then his bottle with dim lights and i use to play cla__sical music but stop that because I dont want that to turn into a habbit....then he is put to sleep in his crib most of the time awake...he will just start sucking on his fingers and falls asleep. Today I am trying dream feeding which means I will be going to get him around 11 pm and feeding him another bottle. this is suppose to help them sleep throuh the night a little better. your baby is still very young...I dont think we started a routine until after 6 weeks and I was desperate for more sleep and needed to do


Toya - October 21

Monica, that lotion ma__sage is excellent!


Chelsey - October 21

With Gabriel I start bathing him at about 7-ish. I use that J&J Bedtime Bath oil in the water, then follow up with the same Bedtime Lotion. Its supposed to calm and relax fussy babies. Smells like Chamomile and Lavendar. I use the shampoo too! I use Dove Baby wash for the soap. I even have the same scented baby powder that I rub under his arm pits, and feet, because he sweats sometimes. Then I give him a bottle (drinks about 4oz.) Then I lay him in his crib, turn on his Light-Up piano, and he's out like a light! The past 4 days he's been sleeping throught the night. I'm a firm believer in aromatherapy. Certain scents are soothing and relaxing. If you dont want to use scented products, or can't, then try lighting a scented candle and place it in the room. Also I've noticed lately that if Gabriel is in his crib, and I vacuumn in his room, he falls asleep immediately. ( So I do that daily at nap time, if he is unsettled.)


Brandy - October 21

My daughter is now three weeks old. She loves being able to flail around, but every night (approx 9pm right now) we put her in Pj's, and wrap her in a velcro swaddle blanket. (from Babies R Us) Then we put a hat on her as well. She usually falls asleep the first time in between 11 and 1, but that's the only time she is swaddled, and she only wears a hat at bedtime and when we go outside. She still manages to kick out of the bottom of the blanket, but she sleeps in her ba__sinet much better at night than she will during the day. It's like she knows that the blanket means sleep for a longer period of time. Well, most nights. :)



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