Belly Button Healing

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mischelly30 - January 23

My son is 3.5 months, and his belly button is *still* not healed. It keeps looking better, then getting juicy again. I put alcohol on it at every diaper change and do not let it get wet at bathtime (well, as much as I can...he splashes a lot). My pediatrician said that if it's not healed by his next appt (in mid-Feb.) that she will cauterize it. Has this happened to anyone else??


drea - January 24

my dd is 4 months and she had some oozing when it first fell off and now she has like a little nodule (sp?). My ped said if it doesnt go away on its own we will have to go to a dermatologist to have it removed. Also, when she had the oozing in the beginning my ped said to put bacitracin on it and not neosporin (i dont know why) and that heled a lot. Hope this helps. If it looks infected though I would let your doctor know. Hope this helps.


Emily - January 24

When Marcy's fell off, it was a bit early compared to when her sisters had fallen off but it kept oozing for awhile. It did heal though by four months....sorry I can't be of more help


pinkbo0tlace - January 24

hey michele. Carter's dr gave me a tip. Don't put alcohol every diaper change. It's a myth that the alcohol will dry up the belly botton BUT, infact, it takes away some of the bactirea that would eat away at the oozy stuff and let it heal. So just do the alcohol every three diapers :)


mischelly30 - January 24

Ok, thanks! I will try not so much alcohol. That makes sense, actually, given what I know about healing body piercings. It is just really icky-looking and oozy, I am not quite sure why it isn't healed!!!


Mommy_to_be - January 27

I know this post is a little old , but for future reference...I don't know where you ladies are from...but for the past few years every doctor has said/ and every articlie in baby magazines clearly states that you shouldn't use any alcohol at all on the umbilical stump. I'm a nursing student and was taught to teach pt's that as well. My daughter's umbilical stump fell off when she was a week and a half old, no oozing or anything, just a little scab, and is now completely healed into a beautiful "innie" (not that innies or outies have anything to do w/ cord care). The best care for an umbilical stump is not to touch it at all. Leave it be. No alcohol, no water, etc. Fold your baby's diaper down so it doesn't rub on it and don't touch it.


mischelly30 - January 28

Mommy_to_be, I did a bit of research and you're right that the medical community's views of alcohol on the umbilical stump appear to be changing. But, of course I'm sure there are different opinions. I live near LA and would consider my pediatrician pretty up-to-date on everything. Anyhow, I did a bit of research (like I said) and I guess this condition is called umbilical granuloma and happens occasionally. The doctor is supposed to cauterize it next month...wish us luck.


Newhoneybuns - January 28

Mommy_to_be... you are right about that. My dd is 4 months and her's fell off at around 9 days and i never had any problems with it. At my hospital they said to put alcohol on at morning and before bed until it drops and then continue for a few days after it did and then completly stop. I did just that and it took no time and it was beautiful :)



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