Belly Or Back Which Is Better

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? - December 28

Which is better for a newborn baby sleeping on her belly or her back. Ive heard bad things about both. I want whats best for her. Any help?


khb - December 28

hello "?" I am a pediatric nurse and the best sleeping position for you infant is back to sleep. Sleeping on her belly puts her at higher risk for Sudden Infants Death Syndrome.


CM - January 4

BACK BACK BACK BACK for sure 100% sleeping on their stomach increases the chances of S.I.D.S


Mommy2Kylie - January 23

Her back, period. Don't ever put her on her tummy!


MOE - January 26



none - February 9

my baby almost died from being on his back. he trew up and almost choked to death. from then on i kept him on his tummy.


Maleficent - February 11

the back is almost always safest. my DS spit up alot and i was worried about him chokeing so we got a side positioner. tummy sleeping is very dangerous.


! - February 11

i had mine sleep on her side i was paranoid about the front and back worked....just a suggestion


tmh - March 4

khb you are wrong to say that there is absolutley NO EVIDENCE of your statement s.i.d is a tragedy NO ONE can say what causes it.


Proudest momma alive! - March 5

To the person whose name was NONE Your baby could not choke and die on vomit unless their is chucks that he could choke and die on! So nice try! And TMH nice try but there is evidence of a more likely chance of s.i.d.s on the tummy did you go through med school I don't think you did! Learn your facts before you post! And if your baby tends to spit up any, place him or her on their side! I had to because my baby had acid reflux!


amber - March 8

Never put your baby on her tummy to sleep..... always let her sleep on her back. Remember though, she DOES need "tummy time" so during the day, while you are there and able to watch her, let her have some time on her tummy. Reguardless of what you hear, there IS proof that SIDS is higher risk with tummy half sister pa__sed away from SIDS.


kashi - March 9

why not on the tummy?


PP - March 10

A baby can aspirate even liquid vomit and while they may not chole and die they could get pnemonia and die.... Maybe just don't let them sleep. No really they don't know what causes SIDS but studies show that the back is better.


kashi - March 10

so, everybody is saying back, back, back and nobody can tell me WHY???


Proudest momma alive! - March 10

kashi we told you why back is better, less risk of SIDS! And about the vomit, all I was saying is the baby will not choke and die on the vomit! And also Pneumonia is usually caused by an infection! And a little spit up is not going to cause Pneumonia or every baby in the world would get it!


Maureen - March 11

All I know is when I was in the hospital giving birth just a few months ago, the nurse told me the baby is to ALWAYS sleep on it's back. Now I thought, perhaps this is the STYLE now, as it seems to change every couple of years. But, according to the Nurse on the Floor, taking care of the babies, the back is just a safer bet. So now my baby always sleeps on his back. But the other day he turned over during the day. I was thinking, what do I do if I find him on his stomach in the morning? Can this be serious??


kashi - March 13

to "proudest mama alive": well, yeah, but what's the connection between laying on the tummy and sids? why is there less of a risk when baby lays on the back?



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