Belly Sleeper

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jilly01 - January 19

my dd is 10.5 months and is a belly sleeper! she wants to sleep so bad on her belly, i don't care only thing is she sleeps with a bunny and blanket (one in each little hand) to sleep and she can not without them. hmmmmmm how to make this safe as she pulls them to her face....just asked about what some of you have done for your little belly sleepers


rl- - January 19

my ds has always been a belly sleeper and he has a blanket and stuffed toy he sleeps with and most of the time he likes the blanket on his face...he is fine and your lo should be at 10.5 months old I would not even worry they can move just fine at that age.


Renea - January 19

my ds is 9.5 months. He sleeps on his belly too, but usually starts off on his back and has a little bunny that has to be literally on his face. I think by this age, they are probably safe---they know how to turn over, etc.


Emily - January 19

I agree with rl. I still put dd on her back, but she imediately rolls onto her belly. she doesn't have a stuffed animal but she does have a blanket that I use to cover her up with. ( the house is a little cool oterhwise my dh and my older dd can't sleep) I used to tuck teh blanket in the mattress and under her arms, but now that she is older - 7 mos - she tosses and turns and pulls the blanket up anyway. so now I jsut cover her legs and she ends up on her belly with the blanket up over her head. she always has her face pointed out and a holet o breathe through. I took the blanket away one night me being a worry wort, but she wailed and didnt' sleep at all. she is old enough that if she is having a hard time breathing or something, she can move aroudn or wake up. Your lo being even older, I would say she should be fine


Ashleyg - January 23

Mason has been sleeping on his belly since he was 5 weeks old. i know docs dont reccomend it but at that point he could turn his head side to side and that is the only way he would sleep! he will be 4 months old on thurs!



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