Belly Sleeping

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KrisD - January 25

First let me say that my 5 month old HATES sleeping. Lately, we have been up 5,6,7+ times a night with him. He usually sleeps till about 8:30 a.m. Well, this morning he was a nightmare and I flipped him on his belly. He has been sleeping like a rock ever since. Of course, I just keep staring at him b/c I am nervous about the belly thing. Now it is 9:40 here... He seems so happy - still asleep on his belly well past his normal time. How many of you put your babies to sleep on their bellies? I am considering trying it tonight... But I am nervous...


Christy - January 25

KrisD- See the "Sleeping on Belly" thread. Lots of good answers there.


KrisD - January 25

Got it - thanks - I hadn't seen it!


Faiths mommy - January 25

my dd is 6 months and she loved sleeping on her belly she has been for a while now, I used to keep rolling her over to her back and she would not like to sleep like that at all so I gave up, her crib is in my room next to us it will be that way until she is 1 year old and then she will go in her own room, scary thought :( anways my dd loves being on her belly, do what feels right for you.


KrisD - January 26

UPDATE - well, we decided to put Billy on his belly last night. HE SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT for the first time. My dh and I, however, were up constantly checking on him, so not sure if it defeats the purpose. But I can't believe it! Just thought I would share!


Heidi - January 26

I would think once they can roll over and lift their head good they're not at risk as much for SIDs. What do you all think? I wouldn't be comfortable letting my 3.5 month old sleep on her belly unsupervised but in a couple months when she's stronger I could see letting her through the night, if she SLEPT through the night that is! Ha ha!


Christophers-DawnC - January 26

WAY TO GO!!!!! Like I said in another post, WE I am 27, back then ALL SLEPT on our bellies. That what our moms were taught. I cant see putting my lil guy on his back with a full tummy to end up spitting up in his sleep and aspirating it if I am asleep. I try to at least put him on his side more to his back if he just ate. We sleep every which way. I still let him sleep with me and we have no problems.



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