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gabby509 - November 14

Ok so my ds is 5 .5 months and up until 3 days ago he woke up every 3 hours at night to eat. Well we moved him from his bassinet to his crib and now he can roll over since the crib is bigger, obviously. The past 3 nights he has rolled over onto his belly and slept for 12 hours straight. Should I let him sleep this way or should I be turning him back onto his back? He sleeps much more soundly on his belly also, he doesn't seem to stir around and get startled. Is it safe for him to sleep like this? I know doctors say that babies should sleep on their backs and only their backs, so I'm kind of at a loss as to what I should do. We do have an angelcare movement monitor, so if he were to stop breathing the monitor would detect it, that's the only reason I've been able to get any sleep. If we didn't have that I'd probably have my hand on his back the entire night making sure he was still breathing.


mjvdec01 - November 14

Don't worry, once they can roll it is fine. just make sure you remove his crib bumper if he has one and replace it with a "breathable bumper". You can find them at Babies"R"Us, in the stores and online. They are necessary to keep babies from getting arms and legs caught in the crib slats, and incase they fall sleep squished up against the side of the crib. You really need to get one.


gabby509 - November 14

I actually just bid on one on Ebay. He needs some sort of bumper because when I took it out completely he was overstimulated looking all around the room. It seems like everytime I check on him he's in a different spot too, but still on his belly.


joey - November 15

gabby nothing to worry about, it's only when they are newborns...once they are old enough to move their bodies intentionally they are fine to sleep however is comfortable... yay to the longer sleeping! Enjoy!


Danielle B. - November 16

Actually the back to sleep campaign is to reduce the risk of SIDS, which peaks between 4-6 months of age so its best to wait til they are well past 6 months (6 1/2 - 7 mos) before allowing belly sleeping. My bigger concern is letting a 5.5 mo go 12 hrs w/o waking them to eat or change their diaper.


gabby509 - November 16

See this is the reasojn why I was hesitant to post about this topic because I knew there would be someone who had something not so nice to say. First of all my son is almost 20 lbs, so for him to sleep for 12 hours straight without waking to eat is certainly not hurting him. Second of all, I asked a question, I wasn't asking for your snide remarks about my parenting skills. Also, I beleive you were porbably laid to sleep on your belly when you were a baby, as was I, and hey we all survived. I appreciate the comments that were helpful but the people that have something rude to say can keep it to themselves.


bellybubble - November 16

gabby509 - don't worry about peoples nasty remarks - if your little one is sleeping through the night then he is obviously happy to do so - babies aren't stupid - if he is hungry or wants his diaper changed then he will let you know it - they certainly know how to use their lungs! :) We have the angel care monitor too - its a great thing for peace of mind although i still creep in every now and then to check she is breathing haha - hopefully i will grow out of this. Also to MJVDEC01 I am so glad I read this topic - we have just this week moved our 3 month old into her big girls cot and last night both times she woke crying i went in and her legs were through the slats in her crib - we hadnt put bumpers on cause didnt think we should - but i had never heard of these breathable bumpers - thanks I am going online right now to check em out!! :)


amanda17 - November 16

Hey Gabby I hope you won't take this offensively, but this is what my doctor told me about SIDS: 6 months to one year is the most common time for infants to get SIDS. No loose blankets, bumpers, toys or sleep positioners in the crib at any time. Do not let them sleep on their belly or side until they are older than one year. Whether that's a load of rubbish or not, I'm not sure. They say SIDs is from babies breathing in carbon dioxide, so all you really need to do is make sure his face isn't covered by anything. If you ask me doctors are asking us to be a bit too overly cautious, scaring as all half to death. Like you said for generations people have been putting their babies asleep on their bellies and it's not like that's automatically going to give them SIDs. I know how much you want him to sleep in that crib, so I would seize the opportunity! :)


amanda17 - November 16

Oh and by the way--- doctors say NEVER wake a sleeping baby to feed them or change their diaper :P


gabby509 - November 16

Amanda, you probably hear me talking in our June mommies all the time about his bad sleeping habits, haha. It's like a catch 22, either he sleeps on his belly and sleeps really good or I make sure he stays on his back, turning him everytime he rolls and then he'll wake up every hour. I'm so scared of increasing his SIDS risk, but he is miserable from lack of sleep. His next ped. appt is Dec 6th, I'm gonna talk to him and see if he has any suggestions. I know everyone feels this way, but I just want to do what is best and safest for my little man.


Kiersten - November 17

Gabby, you're a great mom to be concerned about your son, but I think it's just fine to let him sleep on his belly. He's rolling and will get into a different position if he needs to. My son (11 months) goes to bed on his back but is always on his belly when we check him before turning in ourselves. I wouldn't even worry about a breathable bumper. I thought about getting one, but don't think they're worth it. If he's up against it and isn't comfy, he'll move. Either way, congrats on the longer nights and enjoy it! Wait until he starts pulling himself up in there and isn't able to figure out how to get down. :) Those are fun nights of learning.


gabby509 - November 17

Thanks Kiersten, I can alraedy see signs of a future terror on my hands, haha. He slams into walls in his walker and pulls things off the coffee table. Amanda, this may make you feel a bit better about SIDS, as I know it eased some of my fears. But I called my doc this morning and he said that 90% of SIDS cases are BEFORE the age of 6 months, and it peaks between 2 and 4 months. He said that once babies are strong enough to lift their heads and roll and turn, that SIDS occurences dramatically decrease. He said not to lay King down on his belly for the night but if he rolls during his sleep that it is ok, and I don't have to turn him back over, just make sure he is not face down. I just thought that may give you a little peace of mind since Ellie is almost 6 months, just like King.


Malica - November 18

Dear me! Waking up a 5.5 month old to eat? You've got to be kidding, Danielle! Maybe if we were talking about a 5.5 DAY old, but I haven't heard anyone recommend waking a baby to eat after they've gotten back to their birth weight which usually happens within the first week or so. But as for sleeping, most babies do sleep more deeply on their bellies and it's actually that deeper sleep, as well as the position they are in (which leads to more recycled air), that contribute to higher SIDS rate and why they recommend putting babies on their backs. But it's sort of a d__ned if you do, d__ned if you don't situation -- you're not supposed to use sleep positioners either as they too can contribute to higher SIDS rate too (even though they advertise to people trying to reduce the risk of SIDS), so there's not much you can do except what you're already doing. Use may also want to use a sleep sack instead of loose blankets too. I still use them for our DD who's 14 months now because then we don't have to worry about her tossing off her blankets while sleeping and getting cold. What I did was tried to reduce the risks in other ways such as that and removing the bumpers, but I wasn't about to go in and flip her back over every time she ended up on her belly.



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