Benylin For Infants

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DDT - October 11

My ds (almost 8 months old) has a cold right now which consists of a very runny nose and little cough. He started with it yesterday. I gave him Tylenol yesterday but it didn't seem to help. He was in a foul mood all day. I went and bought Benylin for infants-cough and runny nose and gave him a dose (1ml) this morning. Now my df is sending me info about this Benylin pull off the shelves and wants me to stop giving Caden the medicine. He doesn't want me to give it to him because its a decongestant and he doesn't think its good for babies. Firstly, is this specific Benylin a decongestant? (which I don't think it is) and secondly, should I stop using it? Also, Benylin was only pulled off the shelves because so many people were not following instructions and giving too many doses or not the right amount. I always follow instructions, giving him 1ml 3x a day. Is my df over-reacting?


DDT - October 11


kelley - October 11

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KimS - October 11

Hey DDT, I read the same article today, if Logan gets another cold, I will still be giving him the dimetap I think as long as you are following the instructions it's fine, it's only a voluntary recall and the problems seem to be with people overdosing by not following instructions. I'm going to talk to my doctor friend tonight and I'll let you know what she thinks!


DDT - October 11

Thanks KimS! Let me know what she says...BTW I don't know if its just that medicine in the States but all our medicine here (Canada) gives dosage by weight/age of the bottle. When my ds had his 1st cold at 4 months my doc told me just to follow the dosage on the bottle. I know he wouldn't want me calling him every time Caden has a cold. haha!


DDT - October 11

I should correct myself by saying that I've given him Dimetapp and not Benylin.


aliciavr6 - October 11

Little Colds Decongestant Plus Cough, I had been giving that to my 4 month old, but never even gave her more than half the dosage.


alida - October 11

DDT- What is Benylin? I haven't heard of it...or maybe just a different name for something? I bought Pediacare Deongestant and Cough just yesterday because I wanted to have it on hand if I ever need it. Then this morning I see its been recalled. The problem is that there are no instructions for infants right? It says consult your Dr. Are people just self medicating?


KimS - October 11

Alright DDT, I spoke with my doctor friend, she hasn't read the recall, but from what she has heard they will be restricting these to behind the counter so that you have to talk to a pharmacist or doctor to get it. She said that if used properly it's fine, but that if too much is used the consequences can be high.. that is if you don't follow the instructions.. I'm pretty a___l and will likely still give it to him but probably a little less than the recommended dosage. I usually look at his weight and the age and give the lower amount of the 2 if that makes sense? Hope this helps.. on a side not my doc frient does give dimetap to her 15 month old daughter and has for a while. Good Luck. Kim


MNMOM - October 11

go by weight not age....the age category is to help you guess which dose if you don't know the weight. it is weight that affects how quickly a medicine can metabolize.


mamagoose - October 11

Hey DDT- Did you hear about the recent report from the American Academy of Pediatrics, advising parents not to give their baby any cold medication at all... Just food for thought. Here is the article: (no dashes, blah blah!) Here is the story: "Cough and cold season is here, and the American Academy of Pediatrics is doling out some advice that might surprise parents: Don't give kids cold medicine. In addition, Baltimore's health commissioner is warning parents not to give children 5-years old and younger over-the-counter cough and cold medications designed for children. Dr. David Levy, from the American Academy of Pediatrics, sat down with "Good Morning America Weekend Edition's" Kate Snow to talk about medicines to avoid, and why. "We're talking about all children's cough and cold medicines," Levy said. "They're drugs that contain dextromethorpan and diphenhydramine. You would see them marked as 'dm' or 'dph.' The drugs typically include combinations of antihistamines, cough suppressants and decongestants." Several studies show that these medicines are ineffective in children. They can potentially cause side effects that could lead to more serious symptoms. Levy said parents shouldn't avoid medication at all costs. Acetaminophen or ibuprofen can be used to help a child with a fever. But children can recover from a cold without medicine as a crutch. "Fluids are really important," Levy said. "You'll also want to moisturize the air through a vaporizer or hydrator. Also, you can use salt water nose drops. They're in drug stores. And for little kids who can't b__w their nose by themselves, you can use a rubber nose bulb. And finally -- there have been plenty of studies to back this up -- you want to try some chicken soup. It actually works. Finally, you really should consult your pediatrician." Preventing illness is key. Levy advises that children under 5-years old get flu vaccines. Keeping hands clean is also critical. And if children are sick, keep them at home so they don't spread a virus to kids in school. "


guccigal87 - October 13

hey he is over reacting... i give my son cough medicine all the time because his lungs never developed.. sooo he cant get to bad of a cold or he is in the hospital... i asked my ped about this yesterday and he said that it is completly fine but parents dont think the recomened is enough so they giv emore... more often and overdose the kid.. also they use droppers that dont come with the box that can be off or not right.. like bigger kids things are bigger...sooo as long as you follow directions youll be fine



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