BEST About Ur DH

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newmom - December 16

What is the best thing u like about ur DH?? for me : whenever i get on his nerves and make him angry he complains and then i start crying and he feels guilty and apologizes and pampers me like a baby..i love him soo much


Narcissus - December 16

I get a ma__sage every night of the week.


Amayas Mommy AKA Stephanie - December 16

Mine is well. umm... j/k I love the way that he looks at me. He makes me feel like the best mom in the whole world. He always tells me that Amaya is beautiful because she is made with me! I love him so much


Kristina - December 16

He always pampers me and makes me feel like a princess! He surprises me with little treats for no occa__sion at all...if I am laying on the couch reading a book or something he'll go to the bedroom to get me my pillow...he does lots of sweet stuff =) And when I am walking around the house with bedhair, no makeup..big baggy pj pants and one of his huge tshirts..he still tells me I am the most beautful women in the world. =)


SonyaM - December 16

My DH is the best. He is very thoughtful and puts me and our boys first. He baths the boys every night and puts the older one to bed. He cleans up the kitchen every night after dinner. He always tells me I am beautiful (even when I don't look it). He gives me the BEST ma__sages, let's me take a bubble bath whenever I want and runs all kinds of errands when he gets home from work so I don't have to get dressed and go out. I just adore him. He is simply the best!! I guess that is more than one huh???


newmom - December 16

I'm glade to see that there are women who are happy with their DH..LOL..coz i been reading so many post about how much they hate their DH...."long live love"


TC - December 16

He makes me laugh and smile even when I am p__sed at him. He does silly dances and calls me supermom. I love that guy.


Shannon - December 16

he makes me laugh and whenever iask him to get me something when it's out of my reach he does. he's also so generous. he always gives and never expects anything back, not just to me but to everyone. sometimes he can drive me a bit batty but i love him anyway, or maybe for it, i'm not sure which :-)


Michelle - December 16

MY hubby makes me feel wanted, loved and always says thank you when I make him supper or bring him his coffee. I think I spoil him more, but when I was going through labour he cried because he didn't like to see me in that much pain. I would love to get spoiled more, but just having him around makes me feel so wonderful! And he is a great daddy!


Shelly - December 16

Ehhhhhh....LOL. I love it when he rubs my feet. I love it when Jesse's face lights up when he sees his daddy.


Tami - December 16

I love it when Chad comes home from school as fast as he can and gives me a big kiss, then picks up his little girl and plays with her for a long time. He just stares at her and its so cute! I love it when he tells me that the reason she is so beautiful is that she takes after me, and when he compliments me right after I wake up in the morning. I love how when I was pregnant he was always making sure I was alright and comfortable, and he still gives me ma__sages every day even though he is going to school full time AND working.


erin - December 16

Narcissus...shut up...ma__sage, i'm so jealous! hmmmm...i love that my husband cooks me breakfast on the weekends and times it just right (so i can enjoy a hot meal in the morning after i've nursed the little munchkin)...then he lets me take a long nap when i'm finished and takes care of the little one all morning long.


erin - December 16

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you too Sonya and Tami??? i need to have a little talk with him, i guess.



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