Best Disposible Diapers

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Brandi - December 24

I was just wondering which diapers veteran moms think are the best as far as leak protection, absorbancy, ect. I haven't had to buy diapers for about 6 years, so I guess I need to be freshened up, thanx!


Kristina - December 24

Everyones opinions differs...I did a hugges and pampers poll thread and couple weeks ago....MY opinion is that pampers baby dry leak WAY less and absorb really good. Huggies are more clothlike...but I had alot of leak problems with them. I do like huggies wipes better though.


Jbear - December 25

It really depends on the baby. I'm using Luvs now because they smell good and they're really thin but they don't leak. I tried the newborn ones and they leaked every time. Then I tried Huggies and they leaked so much I couldn't even use up the pack. I bought pampers swaddlers, but the cover always feels damp. After that I bought Target's store brand. They work all right but I didn't save anything by using them, because Target always has so many things I want. So instead of making a trip to Target just for them, I tried Luvs again and they didn't leak anymore...


Christy - December 25

I have a 7 week old boy. I like Pampers Swaddlers, but as the baby sleeps longer at night, leaks are becoming an issue. I am almost done with a huge pack of Huggies Supreme I got at my shower and was not too happy with them (leaks), although the newborn Huggies were good, as were a sample of the Huggies Baby-Shaped fit. I had problems with Luvs (size 1) and have a pack I am afraid to finish b/c of the horrible leaks we had with them. I think what brands work best for you and baby will vary as the baby grows and moves around more. If your baby is standard newborn size at birth, then I think the Huggies Newborn or Pampers Swaddlers are best. After that, he Swaddlers are nice for size 1. Since my baby is still very young, that is as far as we've gotten on the diaper trail- lol!


Narcissus - December 25

My opinion is: Absorbency = Pampers Baby Dry *** Leak Protection & Comfort = Pampers Swaddlers or Pampers Cruisers --- I use baby dry at night, and used cruisers, swaddlers, or target's equivalent during the days.


karine - December 25

I always liked pampers LOL. iam on my third pregnancy and i will definitly use them again. i use htem up until i potty train them. For the potty training i much prefer the huggies, as they have valcro you can stik back on, unlike the pampers


Jamie - December 25

I like Huggies cause Pampers leaked and the only Luvs sold around here are scented...why do I want perfume on my baby's hiney????


C - December 25

So far my favorite are Pampers Baby Dry. The only diaper I hated was the Target brand ( I love the Target wipes). I found they leaked everytime. I gave the leftovers to my sister and my nephew was allergic to them. Many people love them so I think you just need to buy a small quant_ty first and see what works best for you. That's what I did.


Kathryn - December 25

I like pampers swaddlers. They are vey flexable, and clothlike. My son has never had diaper rash while using them. Right now I'm using target brand and don't like them. They leave a lot of pressure marks on my son, are not flexable, and when wet, feels like he has a brick hiding in his diaper. I just gave over a hundred diapers to my cousin because I've tried them all and still like swaddlers.


Ginger - December 25

My little Conner Man takes the cheaper the better. At CVS they were buy one package get one free!!! He really does well with any. White Cloud at Wal-Mart is good also. Good luck w/ leaks :)


Narcissus - December 25

Ginger, I also got that deal at CVS a while back. Can't beat BOGO!! CVS was comparable to swaddlers, I thought.


Heidi - December 25

I fricking HATE Huggies and I stocked up when I was preggo! Go FIGURE! They leak all the time. I have to change Emma's clothes at least twice a day if I have Huggies on her. I have a pack of Luvs and they're pretty good. I LOVE Pampers Swaddlers and Target brand are good too and cheaper but I think when I run out of all my different bags I'm going to stick with Pampers Swaddlers and Target brand. I figure I'm saving plenty by b___stfeeding so I don't mind spending a little extra for a good diaper. Swaddlers are nice and soft and stretchy too whereas LUVS aren't. I like the elastic sides.


Jbear - December 25

Heidi, every now and then Target will have the big boxes of pampers swaddlers on clearance. I got a box of 226 for $18 a couple of weeks ago. I think Luvs are made by pampers, they seem just like the regular pampers.


Heidi - December 25

I just saw two huge cases of them on the end isle for $27 each but I didn't see how many were in there. They were in a huge box. I was Xmas shopping but I'm going to see if they still have them next time I go. I have tons right now.


Jbear - December 26

I don't know about all targets, but mine will put the diapers somewhere else, usually near the food, when they're on clearance.


FF - December 26

Has anyone else noticed that the huge cases (no matter what brand) seem to always have size 1 and 2 mixed? I hate it b/c ds is in size 2 and I can't save by buying the huge box!


Jbear - December 26

The ones I got were size 1-2. They fit Sophia at 9lbs and they fit her now at 13.5 lbs (I had used them up but found 10 in the diaper bag in the car).



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