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Robin - November 12

I am not due till April, but I am trying to decide br___t milk or formula? If I do choose formula, which is the best and is it really that expensive?


Lesley - November 12

Where are you from?


Robin - November 12

Utah, you?


Lesley - November 12

I'm from the UK. I have no idea where Utah is! Do you have a milk called SMA? That is the one I used with my oldest son. I b___stfed my daughter and I am b___stfeeding my baby so don't know that much about formula.


Robin - November 12

It is in the middle of the US. I will just have to check for SMA at the grocery store. Have you noticed any development or bonding differences between your first child and your others?


Heidi - November 12

Ask your doctor. You might have to experiment with what your baby likes. I know lots of women end up trying one or two before they get it right. I'm b___stfeeding. MUCH easier if you ask me. I sometimes pump and give her bottles and it's a pain in the a__s. Check the prices at Walmart. It's not cheap unless your baby can eat Parent's Choice. That's reasonable. At first they don't drink much but some people told me they had to buy two giant cans of dry a week and they're over $20 a can. Don't even think about liquid unless you can afford it.


Toya - November 12

Breastmilk is best...Good Start Supreme with Iron is second best imo.


Jbear - November 12

Enfamil and Similac are the two biggest brands of formula in the US. My daughter is 3 months old and she uses 10 cans a month, at about $11 a can. WIC provides part of that for us, but to qualify for WIC you have to meet certain income restrictions, based on family size. Parents' Choice formula (walmart's generic) is not as expensive and smells better than enfamil, at least to me. If you go with formula, sign up at the enfamil and similac websites and they'll mail you samples and checks for formula (they work like a coupon). I b___stfed my second child for three days (until the hospital told me I had to supplement because she was dehydrated) and b___stfeeding makes you feel really close to your baby.


Lissi - November 12

I'm b___stfeeding, but every now and then I have given my daughter a bottle of formula. We use Aptimil 1st. I'm not sure if it's the best, but my baby seems to think it's ok, and it's the one they used at my hospital. I'm also in the UK though, so maybe it's unavailable where you are.


Heidi - November 12

Yes! Sign up on Enfamil and Similac's websites. I did months before my due date and I signed up as many people as I knew and I have like three sample cans of each and almost weekly I get tons of $6 off coupons in the mail but I'm still b___stfeeding. Some expire in December so I'll give them to someone on here if the b___stfeeding keeps going good!!!! I have Similac and Enfamil ones and some are for specific Enfamil formulas.


Lesley - November 12

Hi robin, I b___stfed my 1st son for 6 weeks. I couldn't take it no more. My nipples were bleedinga nd cracked. Noone was giving me help even though I was asking for it. My midwife tried her best but I couldn't keep it up. I don't think there is a difference in the bonding. If you bottle feed just hold him close like you would if you were b___stfeeding.


Steven's Mom - November 12

Hi! I bottle feed my son! He use's Similac Advance with Iron. It's about $22.00 a can that probably last about 1 week. He has only spit up maby 5 times. I would also recommend Dr. Brown bottles. They are suppose to reduce ga__sy tummy. They have worked great for me. I know they say b___st is best,but it just didn't work for me. I have wonderful bond with my son as well. Good luck


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 12

I b___stfed at first and then tried formula so her daddy could feed her and she would not go back to b___st. We used Enfamil Lipil with Iron. It helps brain and eye development. She is now lactose intollerant so she is on Enfamil Prosobee Lipil. I have liked the formula so far, and my daughter has only been sick 1 time (ear infection) My daughter goes through a 12 oz can in 2 days. They are $11 a can.


mother hen - November 13

Isn't "best formula" a oxymoron?


TC - November 13

*rolling eyes* to Mother Hen. I pump and use formula, although due to my arthritis, formula has been used a lot more these days. The formula I use is Similiac Advance w/ Iron. I use the 25 oz powder cans which last about a wk. I can get them at Target for about 23 bucks a can. It is pretty good. The problem I have with it though is that WIC does not support the Advance just the plain Similac w/ iron. But that is good too.


melissa - November 13

TC, not to get off subject, but I also have arthritis. I am 38 weeks, and it has been in remission pretty much throughout pregnancy. I'm wondering how it is after birth, if you could shed some light. Thanks!


TC - November 13

Hi Melissa! My arthritis was also in remission while I was pregnant. I am sorry but I do not think that I have any light to shed. By the time that my son was 3wks it came back with a vengeance. I did not realize that it could spread and it has spread to so many parts of my body. Before I was pregnant I was able to deal with it with Aleve w/ Naproxen but now that I am b___stfeeding I just have been taking Cod Liver Oil tablets w/ Omega 3 in them. It is helping me out some but I still have some serious pain. The worst pain is when I first wake up. Hopefully, overtime the Omega 3 will help me out completely. If it does not and the pain persists I am going to have to stop b___stfeeding and get some stronger medicine. I hope all is well with you. Have you been talking w/ your doctors about it? I did not talk to my doctors during pregnancy and I think that if I did I could have come up with a better plan post-partum.



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