Best Friend Wants To Watch Lo But Has Scary Dogs Advice Plez

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austinsmom - July 3

I have a great friend and she is good with my lo even though she does not have one herself and she has been telling me she wants to watch my lo and I have kinda been putting her off cause she has these animals......2 labradors, 2 goats, and 2 the cats do not bother me cause they do not bother my lo but.......the 2 dogs are quite huge and they have not been around little ones and when I come over to her house with lo they act really funny and growl and the white one is really skittish around him........while I was over there we have let the dogs smell lo but that was with me right there and ready for anything....nothing happened....but I cannot help worrying cause lo could make a fast move or grab their hair or something and something could happen in the split sec......the goats are wild and usually stay outside but billy (the male) is very aggressive and will sometimes charge you on the way to her door......she is a wonderful friend and I truely do not want to hurt her feelings ..........she said to my other friend that she was worried that I do not want her to watch my lo.......and I kinda do not but not because of her but because of the animals....I may just be paranoid? Over protective? Whatcha think?


austinsmom - July 3

let me add a friend's dogs are like her children and she treats them as such .....I feel like if I suggest her dogs might me dangerous to my lo I will truely hurt her feelings and I would not want to do that for the world!!!! But not letting her keep lo is gonna hurt her feelings as well and so I kinda feel darned if I do and darned if I don't yall see?


LisaB - July 3

If you have any questions about the dogs at all I would not take any chances, we had to give our dog to a friend after our ds was born because she snipped at him. It was really hard for hubby as it was his dog but the safety of ds comes first no matter what. Can your friend watch your lo at your house? I think as much as I love my friends there are no questions when it comes to my baby.


austinsmom - July 3

that was a good suggestion that I had not thought of!!! I will speak to her about watching him at my house since I have everything he needs there!!! Then the subject of the dogs won't have to come up... THanks


Rabbits07 - July 3

That sounds like a good solution. You don't never know how a dog will react to a baby so it is better to be safe than sorry.


AmandaManns - July 3

Yes I would just ask her to come to your house. I have a big black lab too, but he is amazing with my son. They actually get down on the floor and play together. People would think he would be mean because when he hears a knock on the door or anything he is up barking and growling but he is actually the biggest baby. But we decided from the beginning if he ever even came close to hurting our son then he would be gone.


jas - July 4

I have two siberian huskies - we had them before my first son was born over 11 years ago. We were worried how they would react to a baby, but they did well - they let Nathan climb all over them. Even though i knew they were safe around my baby, when I watched a friend of mine's lo I put them in another room. I would tell your friend that you are apprehensive about the dogs. As a dog owner I am sure she would understand and put them in another room while your little one is there.


hello - July 4

I think you are being paranoid and over protective. Your friend is not going to leave your baby out in the yard with the dogs, she is not going to leave the child unattended....I think you should jump at the opportunity. At the same time labradors are not vicious, they are guide dogs, they are loyal and very docile. I have had labs all my life... You did ask and yes in my opinion you are overreacting majorly, give your friend some credit............


TinaMarie - July 4

I do not think you are paranoid! When my son was smaller my brother had a boxer. Same for him and his wife, their dogs were their "babies. It was Christmas Eve and my son was laying on the couch with my sister in law and the dog, my son popped his head up to ask for something and the dog (who had never bit anyone) turned around growled and bit my son and the face. It did not need st_tches, but it was bleeding all over the place and very scary to everyone including my son! My Brother was heart broken because like I said, the dog was his baby and he could not believe he did that. So where as though I love dogs and there are some that are as gentle as a flea, I just do not trust them around the baby now due to past experiences. But Lisab's suggestion is perfect and adding that it is cause everything the baby needs is at your house is a great idea!


shelly22 - July 4

I think if you trust your friend you shouldn't have to worry about it. Like someone else said she's not going to leave your child outside with the dogs. I would just address your concern to her so she knows to take extra precaution. I've had so many problems with this type of situation from all aspects. I have to rottweilers along with my 4 1/2 month old, and my dogs are great with him! But, I don't let them run around with him while i'm not standing right there. If the dogs are in the house I won't leave my baby, I have a gate in which I put them on the other side when my sons on the floor. People don't understand how i can keep my dogs with having a baby, but they are my babies too!! I just think if you are responsible dog owner, you know what to do. I have had the same problem with my sister in law not wanting me to watch her son at my house, but I feel she dosen't trust me then. Any dog can bite, even a dog that is usually friendly you always just have to be careful


cae - July 4

You are absolutely NOT being over protective or paranoid. I have the same problem, but with my parents in law. They got 3 huge labs in their home, and they play really really rough. If they want to babysit my LO then they can come to my house, or none at all. All it takes is one mistake and something tragic could happen. I also dont want to hurt their feelings, but I rather hurt their feelings(which they will get over) than having those dogs physically hurt my baby. I know that it sounds rude, but it is my job that I protect my baby. I would have your friend watch your baby at your house. Good luck.


Gabriel_Pitbull - July 5

I don't think you are being paranoid at all. I own three big dogs, a Rottweiler, a Mastiff and a Pit Bull. I have worked with dogs for years rescuing and doing temperament tests. Not all people can read their own dogs body language or actually I should say most people cannot read their own dog's body language. We introduced our dogs slowly to our son (who is now 1 yr). They are all great with him. I, however, do not trust most of my friend's dogs or relative's dogs around him. If the dogs are acting skittish and growling, that is a very bad sign. They are being a big fear aggresive. The breed of dog does not matter. I know a lot of really nice labs and I know of some really nastly labs. I would do as others have suggested and request that she watch him at your house. Just tell her that all his stuff is at your house and he will be better behaved in a familiar environment. Jen


Rabbits07 - July 5

You most certainly are not being overprotective, paranoid OR overreacting. One cannot be absolutely positive about a dog's behavior around a child simply because of their breed. Even very docile and mild-tempered dogs can get agitated being around a baby (especially when they are not used to it) and react in a less than desireable way. You mentioned that your friend doesn't have any little ones so I would a__sume that her dogs are not used to being around them...even in households with babies it is usually suggested that the dogs be prepared for baby's arrival. The fact that they aren't used to kids coupled with the growling and skittish behavior when around your baby all sound like good reasons NOT to leave your baby there. It only takes a split second for a dog to bite, even with someone right there, so I say better safe than sorry.


austinsmom - July 5

well thank you all for your inciteful responses!!!!! Turned out that the situation was kinda taken outta my hands....I spoke to a mutual friend the same one I spoke about in original message about my feelings and that I was having a hard time figuring out how to express them to my other friend with the animals and she by the way agreed with me that she did not trust the dogs as well since she has seen how they act (by the way the dogs stay in my friends house not outside).she spoke to my friend about her fears (cause she had them as well) and my friend took it really well and called me to tell me about the conversation saying she understood and would keep the dogs she is watching lo and has already called once just to give me an update on how things are going and what he has ate....such a sweet sweet friend....I am very lucky to have such good friends......I appreciate all of you for giving great advise and I feel great about the situation......have a great day ladies!!!


cae - July 5

Well Im glad that all is going well with you austimsmom. Take care.


Rabbits07 - July 5

Glad everything worked out so well....(I hope my friend will be as understanding about her situation.)



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