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LollyM - February 19

Yesterday, Dh and I had to say goodbye to our bunnies =( it was a sad day, but it was for the best. We adopted them when I was pregnant and we both VASTLY underestimated how hard it would be to have two rabbits while taking care of an infant. We gave them to my sister's good friend who loves animals and has no children, so it is a perfect match =) Anyway, I have always been quite the animal lover, and so has dh, so now our home seems kind of empty without creatures about (well, other than dd lol) so we want to find a good, EACY CARE pet that dd can interact with as well. I was thinking about a bird, but I don't know how social they really are. We can't have a cat or dog because we live in an apartment. Anyway, what are your thoughts? Do you have a favorite type of pet?


AshleyB - February 19

I'm a dog person, but I have a great cat too. The only birds I've known pecked at me, so I don't think that would be a great pet with a baby. Also bunnies kinda bite alot. Guinea pigs are ok, as long as you don't get an abysinnian one. Get the smooth coated kind, they're calmer and nicer. The colicky (abysinnians) are spasdic and no fun because you can't get near them. The best I could say is get some fish, babies love to follow fish around a tank. Good luck.


piratesmermaid - February 19

Fish?!? Seriously though. We have 3 fishtanks in our house. Birds are dirty, dirty, dirty (from my limited experience with them). And anything that requires a cage is going to be some work because you're going to have to keep the cage clean, change the bedding and all that, whether it's a hamster, hedgehog, ferret, lizard. The apartment has a strict no-dog policy? Because if you are determined to get a pet, a dog that is already housebroken would be your easiest, I think, anyway.


Keli - February 19

adopt a dog from a rescue or your local pound. most of the time you can find a great dog that is potty trained, usually they know how they react around kids. or even a cat. but I believe in adoption.


aurorabunny - February 19

Sorry, but a dog is a really bad suggestion on this one IMO....if you don't have time for rabbits, you're DEFINETLY not gonna have time for a dog. But you already said no cats or my suggestion was gonna be fish too. I think that's about as low maintenance as pets come, other than the tank cleaning which isn't a biggie. And I will second what Ashley B said, my in-laws are huge fish people and they have several large tanks with tropical fish and ds is OBSESSED, he would watch them for HOURS!!!


Kena - February 19

Birds make a huge mess. Feathers everywere! So unless you have time to constantly clean up that might be a bad idea. Also the bird that I had required a lot of work to tame. Time that I didn't have.


LollyM - February 20

Hey everyone. Dh said the same thing about birds and the feathers they leave everywhere. I do wish we could get a small dog. I think it would be less work than rabbits because I had to clean the entire rabbit cage every day. I had to get down and scrub and all that because we didn't have a pull-out tray. I go for walks allot with dd so it would be no problem including a dog in that. Our complex will throw us out if we get a dog or cat though! I don't mind cleaning a cage if it's once a week or so it's just the every day that kills me. Dd does like fish. She loves to look at them whenever we see them. They aren't very interactive though. I really love rats and they are great pets (plus they like to snuggle ;p) but they tend to be on the smelly side (although probably not as smelly as rabbits).


DeeJay - February 20

I have had every pet in the book and the easiest were hamsters. You need to clean the cage about every 3-4 days, if you use the recycled newspaper litter it keeps the smell down alot. Hamsters are ususally friendly and low cost. But you can keep them in their cage and they wont get real mad at you. Rats need a lot of human interaction, (every day) or they can become nasty and p__sy. Cats are also very easy, but unfortunatly you can't get one of them. Fish are fun, but cleaning the tank can be smelly, but you don't have to do it that often, just go with a small tank! I had a 200 gallon one and it became to much work. One pet that is a big no no is a ferret. Some people think that because they are in a cage at the pet store that that is ok, it is not. They need hours of run around time in which time they will destroy or hide all your posessions and they are very hard to keep clean. I have a lot of ferrets, but they have their own room and I absolutly love them, but the need lots of attention, and also they can not be trusted around little ones, they do bite sometimes.


LollyM - February 20

Thanks DeeJay, I did have a beloved hamster named phoebe once =) She was a biter though. Is it true that some kinds of hamsters are nicer than others? I don't want dd to get bit! You are right about rats. They do need allot of attention. Dh wants a ferret, but I keep telling him how aggressive they are! my friend had one that used to attack the dog!


vonzo - February 20

What about a guinea pig? Hubby and i bought one a few days after we moved in together and he/she (gender confused) is part of our wee family. He sits and woots away to us when we go in and loves to be held and left to run around on the floor (dh made a run for him). He is sooo easy to keep, we clean him once a week, feed him every 2nd day because we normally thrown in some veg while we're cooking so dont want to over feed him.


KLC - February 20

I agree with piratesmermaid but would like to add that if you found it hard to find time to care for the rabbits than a dog is not a good idea. I work in a boxer dog rescue and we see so many dogs come back into rescue because people didn't realize how much time and work having a dog is. They need daily walks and loads of interaction, not to mention the cost of having a dog. Vet fees are outrageous. Its like having a second child. I think that fish would be a great option for you. Your dd will love watching themm too and you can make it a learning experience for her by helping her learn about the types of fish as she gets older.


Brittany - February 20

We have had a betta fish for almost 3 years, he survived us moving so many times and a 2 1/2 hour car ride before haha. I know fish aren't the most fun pets but as my son grows, he loves the fish more and more lol!! Betta fish are so pretty too, they don't need filters (they breathe air) and you can buy a little thing of food pellets that lasts years. They can't be put with other betta fish though because males fight and kill eachother. Every other pet I've had, things never worked out. My gerbils were messy, my rabbits would die, etc. Our fish makes a nice center piece too, I'm so surprised we've had him for so long. My son loves watching the finding nemo movie and he points to our fish everytime he watches it!!! Good luck!


DeeJay - February 21

I had teddy bear hampsters and russian dwarf hampsters and they were both nice, I guess just pick them up in the store to see if they are friendly. As for the ferrets, mine attact my St bernard, they will hang from the loose skin around his mouth!!!!!! They are fun for adults, but only adults with thick skin! Those Betta fish are really hardy!!! I had one that when we went on vacation we asked a friend to wath our pets and feed the betta. When we got home he had fed it so much you couldn't even see the fish, but he lived!!! They are really pretty too and you can put them in unique tanks.


Rabbits07 - February 21

I've heard birds are really nasty, too. But in my experience so are hamsters. And we had fish one time and cleaning the tank once a week.....GAG! Have you thought about a pet rock?


LollyM - February 21

LOL Rabbits =) DeeJay, I did have a beta fish that dies when I was pg... it made me cry! Anyway, He was great, and he was very hardy too! When we moved from southern California, to northern, we put him in a sobe bottle and brought him here in a cup holder in the u-hauland he lived through it! I don't know whay he ended up dying though


aurorabunny - February 21

lolol Betta fish in the Sobe bottle, sorry that just made me laugh. =) My mom had 2 of those bettas that seemed like they lived FOREVER. I know it was at least a couple of years.


LollyM - February 21

Haha, I know, those suckers are strong! The sobe bottle was the only portable fish tank we could think of lol.



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