Best Time Of Year To Have A Baby

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BusyBee - March 10

My SIL and is TTC right now and she and I were discussing the advantages and disadvantages to having a baby at certain times of the year. For example, if she gets pregnant this month, she will be due in December. She's not crazy about that idea because it will be cold and flu seaon and everyone will want to hold the new baby. Personally, I loved having my son in April - it was months and months before I had to worry about bundling him up to protect him from the cold. It was so much easier to get out and about shortly after he was born. But, at the same time, I was in my last trimester during the end of winter and my feet were so swollen that all I could wear were flipflops and everyone looked at me like I was crazy trudging through tthe snow in sandals! When do you think is the best time of year to have a baby?


LisaB - March 10

Great ? WE are waiting to ttc until summer so we will have a spring baby, I cant image having a baby in winter when its freezing and being cooped up. Curious to see what others say.


lin7604 - March 10

i was going to say the same, a spring baby would be best so you can get out asap and walk and get fresh air. my ds was born at the end of oct and i have such cabin fever i'm going crazy!!!!! it has been soooo cold here this winter that you just don't even want to go out and even shop if you don't have to.


sahmof3 - March 10

Both of my boys were born in early July and my daughter was born in January. I liked July MUCH better... well, it wasn't fun when it was hot at the end of my pregnancy lol... but after the deliveries I was able to get out and take walks and stuff. After my daughter was born, though, there were several snowstorms and I felt like I was never going to be able to get out of the house for the rest of my life! Plus, she had been in NICU and had breathing problems, so I didn't take her out for weeks! I also, have PPD, though, and that played a large part in it... it's just not fun to be that depressed in the dead of winter and also be stuck in the house or that long. Also I'm not a winter person and I generally hate cold and snow anyway, plus I was stressed before I had her because I was always having to shovel out the driveway at 8 months preggo and I had the worry of falling on ice or going into labor in bad weather and having to drive in it LOL... I'm a worrier. A good friend of mine is the opposite, though. She's had winter and summer babies, too and she liked winter better BECAUSE she could stay home for weeks and weeks and it felt cozy to her, whereas she felt that having a baby in the summer that she had to be out and running around too soon and would have rather been snowed in ;-)


Steph - March 10

I had both of my kids at the beginning of July (3rd and 6th) and I loved it. It was kinda c___ppy being pregnant for June, but that's about the only issue I had with it.


aurorabunny - March 10

I'll just contribute that I read a big article on CNN the other day about how horrible hospitals are in July and to avoid them at all costs. They cited the main reason being that everyone is rotating into a different residency and that at any given time, most of the people on staff are new, in training and don't completely know what they're doing. I of course had my ds in July and had a horrible C-section with lots of complications. Not saying that it was related, but still something to think about. I could find the article if anyone wants it. Also, we had a nasty heatwave last summer and I was 41 weeks pregnant and MISERABLE!!


aurorabunny - March 10

Steph--Brody was born on July 6th, 2006. I guess our little ones share a birthday! =)


krnj - March 10

I'll be having a c-section the end of July. My son was born the end Feb and I hated bundling up! At least in the summer it's easier to go out. If I had to choose I think I would go for April or May.


BusyBee - March 10

Just wanted to add that even though I loved having my ds in the spring, last summer he was too little to put in the jogging stroller and too little to take swimming - those are the fun things about summer! Oh, well. This summer will be wayyyyyyyy more fun!


Hana - March 10

We got preg in Jan and had ds in Sept and therefore was preggers during the HOT HOT summer months and I HATE HATE HATED it. I was so utterly uncomfortable with my feet swelling the size of england lol so whatever you do dont be heavyily preg in summer!


spamanda - March 10

Hana that's pretty funny... i had ds sept. 15th and other than being hot at the end (and swollen too! yikes!) i really liked it. Not so hot i couldn't take him out, not so cold i didn't want to leave my house. By the time it really got to be winter, he was almost 3 mos. old. Now this summer he'll be bigger and fun -- can't wait to take him to the beach! it's also my favorite season though, so that didn't hurt. If I could choose, I'd do fall again..... but so few of us get to choose exactly when it happens! lol


punkin01 - March 10

well not sure which is better but i had my son in may of 90 and it was nice not bundeling him up and worrying if he was warm enough and all that but he was too little to take to the pool or anything like that but i had my daughter in Nov of 05 and it was cold and keeping her covered and worried if it was enough or too much but by summer she was sitting up alone at 5 months and we took her to the pool often and she loved it so much .....i was pregnant all summer with her and it was bad but it would have been worse to be toward the end all summer.......i am pregnant now and due in may again and so far so good dreading the heat at the end ,..........


apr - March 10

I had a mid-August baby!!! I seriously went mad!!! I swore to make sure I have a winter/autumn/spring baby next time. It wasnt the actual part of having a baby in August!! It was the fact that I didnt get out the house during the last 2 months b/c the heat was unbearable... (but thats's just me) I also had the disadvantage of winter starting 2-3 months later, so my baby got sick a few times... I'd love to have a March baby next time... that way I am pregnant throughout the winter months, and baby arrives in the spring : ) should I start ttc in 3 months time? :-o


luviduvi - March 10

I had my first at the end of Jan. and my second in the first half of October. One thing I liked about having babes in the cold season was that you could use all the beautiful blankies and what not. I really liked having dd at the end of Jan. b/c had gotten preggers in May, so I spent my slim months in the heat. When I got to the end, it was Holiday time and I could eat all the good food and as much as I wanted and not feel guilty. But, at the end of Jan. you don't have much longer to go until spring so I wasn't cooped up too long. W/ my second, he was a premie in the NICU so we didn't go anywhere for awhile, as it was Oct., the start of cold and flu season along with RSV. But, he was my second, I had no plans to take a toddler and a newborn out at the same time anyway.


HANNAHs Mom - March 10

My first was an April baby. Besides being born so close to my b-day, it was springtime, warm and I loved it! Also, it alllowed me time to lose most of the weight before summertime. I also liked being pregnant during the winter because I could hide the weight gain under nice big sweaters. My second daughter was an August baby...I liked that time too, but it wasn't as enjoyable being at the beach in a bathing suit or wearing any summer clothes in fact being soooo pregnant!


Erynn21 - March 10

Well I was pregnant last year and due at the beginning of Sept and I can say early fall was awesome for us, it was still warm when our dd was born, and for me I LOVEd being pregnant in the summer(I know weird). I liked the fact I could wear comfy clothes and flip flops, and basically show off my cute belly. I also loved having her be a little bigger when winter came around, my dh and I stay home a lot in the winter already so it was really easy for us to stay in, in the summer we run a rafting company so this summer it will be a little easier with an older baby we can enjoy summer with. We can go to the beach and she will have fun splashing and playing. Fall is where it's at for me.


LollyM - March 10

My lo was born in Augest durring the hottest summer on record! I will never get pregnant in the winter again because the 3rd trimester in the summer really sucks! We will plan our next to be born in the spring, after flu season and before the terrible, terrible summer! ugh, I spent literally 3 days in the bathtub with cool water around me and I got sooo swolen from water + heat that I now have stretchmarks on my thighs!



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