Best Video For One Month Old

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GC - May 9

Hi all, My ds is 6 weeks old now, he seems to watch tv when i put him down in front of the tv. So i would like to show him some good developmental videos, any suggestions will be helpful for me and my ds. Thanks in advance.


pbj - May 9

I don't really suggest placing a baby that young in front of the t.v. Most pediatricians suggest to not expose children under the age of 2 to tv. That said Baby Einstein make videos for babies 6 mths and over, I show one or two of them to my 6 mth old maybe once or twice a week. I'm really not sure that you should place a 6 week old in front of the t.v., however that's up to you.


hello - May 10

My daughter has been introduced to tv for a few months, she may see ten mins or so of it a day, maybe a bit more, she bangs the tv screen when it isnt on, she likes to bang stuff and she is almost 1... I recall a 6 week old just lays there, instead of tv why dont u introduce something with bright lights and music in their ba__sinett or mat or wherever they lay, this is more age appropriate and will keep them entertained, A musical mobile will keep them happy and my daughter still loves hers. She had star and bee, two toys that hung from her ba__sinett, they did nothing but as she got bigger she would have conversations with them, i know u asked which dvds but at that age , i see no need, sorry................


Kat83 - May 10

hey there, my son is 3 weeks old and he was doing the same thing stretching to see the television which i dont like bc i think bad tv rots the brain, but ill tell you what i did do my husband and i bought these baby einstein dvds they have 3 of them out for 0-3 years we bought them at toys r us they are 14.99 for a 30 min dvd but they come highly recommended and they are supposed to be greatly developmental and at 3 weeks my son actually watches it these videos arent cartoons or anything like that just buy one youll like them the 3 i have are called baby mozart, baby bach, and baby beethoven and all i can say is so far so good---keep us posted


pbj - May 10

Ok, at 3 weeks your child can't even see you clearly much less the t.v. All he/she sees is blurry kaliedescope of colors coming from the t.v. I didn't say it before cause I don't want to be mean, but really at 6 weeks your son needs to be watching his toys, mobile or being loved by you. He doesn't need t.v. at that age.


Shea - May 10

I have to admit that I was very against putting my baby in front of the tv, but dh turns it on for him when he is home with him (he is a SAHD), so I would rather he watch something better than my husband's choice of shows. I use my dvr to record "Timothy Goes to School" on Disc Kids and "Winney the Pooh" on Disney so that dh has a more appropriate choice when he decides to turn on the tv for baby.


jorden - May 10

ok...another controversial situation. I think to each his own. My son started watching baby einstein at 7 weeks...and by the way they make them for infants too not just starting at 6 months. But theres been many studies and its all about what YOU the parent believes. My son started sitting at 5 months, rolling fron back to fron(which is harder) at 6 months and is now 9 months and walks like he's dont it forever. He is very advanced in everything he does so i think it just depends on the baby and you. Its also good for you to have some time. You know some babies dont like mobiles or bouncy seats or stuff. Some do actually strain to look at the tv. And you can still take care of your child when they watch tv. Come on now. No one is saying to leave them in a d__n seat all day and not love them and give them attention.


kimberley - May 11

My DD is 3 months old, and I have the TV on most days, as she has reflux, and I spend most of my day holding, nursing her.....anyways, she cranes her head to see the darn TV...I try and get her to look another way, she cranes to turn back...she loves it.......Anyways, she is a very fussy baby, and crys a lot in pain...the ONLY time I get any repreave is when she focuses on the, so be it.......It does them NO damage! My DD does not like her toys, or not an option, I also talk to her constantly, and play with I dont think she will get any 'ill" effects from the ol TV. To each there own.


pbj - May 11

Look, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with a little t.v. and as I said earlier to each their own. But, come on 3 weeks? That's a bit much. Of course if the only thing they're exposed to is t.v. they're going to prefer it. My dd watches Baby Einstein once or twice a week and yes she likes it, she 6 mths old and I've been allowing her to watch since she was about 4 1/2 mths old. Sometimes I like to watch just to get ideas on how to best stimulate her myself. I think it's a bit extreme to place a 3 week or 6 week old in front of the t.v., their eyesight isn't even fully developed for goodness sake.


pbj - May 11

Let me add just one more thing. If most of you had the choice of sitting on the sofa watching t.v. all or getting some exercise...which would you choose? I know I'd choose the sitting part. If a baby doesn't move around enough, doesn't learn how to play on one's own and is always sat in front of a t.v. the liklihood that the child will want to do anything other than watch t.v. is very unlikely. I saw it with my own niece and nephew who are teenagers now and their mother just sat them in front of the t.v. when they were babies...they are two of the laziest kids I have ever seen. Luckily they are not obese since their parents are small people.


austinsmom - May 11

gosh girls this thread is getting a little out of hand.....this is my first time commenting on a "controversial" subject but really in this case I just gotta.......GC unfortunatly I cannot help with the videos as my 4 month old has so much to do at this point I do not think he really pays to much attention to the tv well not enough for me to put a particular show on just for him.........that said I see nothing wrong with putting a video in that is educational with hopes that something sinks into their little brain........every since my baby was born the tv is on almost 24/7 because I b___stfed and well what do you do for the first 3 months besides feed (mostly) and I need a little entertainment for myself......I think austin notices the tv and likes to look at it...but...I truely believe he likes the light and colors and as far as comprehension uhuh it would be hard to convince me that he likes anything other than the colors and sounds and lights.......actually because this is on most of the time I believe he has grown so used to the tv being on that he really does not notice telling everyone this is not so anyone can then tell me that they think this is not a good idea cause I could really care less ......I come on here to help and be helped ...not be be told that what I asked was stupid or anything like that.......I am sure gc pays plenty of attn to her baby as I am sure we all do.......walks, playtime, cuddletime, feeding, changing, bathing, and just laughing with them........gosh girls there is no reason we just can't use this board as it was help and be helped even if you may not agree cause I have yet to see a question that included the words .....tell me how you feel about my question......everybody lets just support each other and unless it is a very serious situation just answer questions and offer helpful hints maybe we can all as mothers have the support and help we obviously do not get elsewhere .....if we did we would not need this site .....right!?? :-)


pbj - May 11

austinsmom...I don't think that I'm being nasty or anything here. But when someone asks a questions and I disagree with a response(s) there's nothing wrong with voicing it. That is what this forum is about...opinions! If I were to say she is a bad parent or something of the like, then you could say I'm not being supportive. I am simply stating that maybe it's not such a good idea to place a 3 or 6 week old in front of the t.v., as all habits are learned. I watch t.v. at times during the day if my dd is having her own playtime and I have nothing to do and as I said I do play baby einstein for my LO. I don't mean to insult anyone, just simply trying to express my opinion


austinsmom - May 11

pbj....I am really not attacking YOU or anyone else on this have helped me in the past when I had questions and you have been extremely dilligent in helping people when they needed it.......but I can't say this any other way than bluntly......this person that asked the question did not ask for opinions from me you or anyone....she simply wanted to know if there were any educational videos out there for her child......there are people that do ask questions and are asking for our opinion and in that case we then give our opinion you see what I am saying? I do not mean to offend you or anyone else but if I was gc I would be a bit put off since I asked a question and only a few people actually answered with helpful information about the videos that she asked about......look at the responses ( I am guilty as well) this has turned into people stating whether they think it is ok to turn the tv on in front of your baby then defending that decision.....anyway I think this forum is great and the people on it very helpful ......and I will even say that I love a good debate but that is not what gc asked for........that said.......peace to everyone and love for all......


ashtynsmom - May 11

I forgot GC... if you have TLC network on your cable provider, they have educational shows in the morning until 8am, I believe. Those are great, too.


pbj - May 11

I'm going to throw in the towel here, because apparently noone is really bothering to actually read what I said. Since I did say that my dd watches videos as well...just not so young. I'm out!


nic nac - May 11

pbj I am with you on this one. Ladies, pbj isn't saying a little tv is bad, GC did ask for SUGGESTIONS due to her NOTICING her 6 WEEK old SEEMED to watch tv. She simply said that she didn't think it was a good idea for such a YOUNG baby to watch tv. I happen to agree with her 100%. I did buy the baby beethoven for my dd who is 4.5 months. She has watched it 2 times with me watching it with her. Since those two times I have decided that there were better things that she could be doing. It is far more educational for a 6 week old to have objects in his view between 8 to 14 inches so he can see and feel and learn to touch and reach for. A tv will not do that. Why put him in front of a 2dimensional screen when he benefit more from a 3 dimensional object. I am not saying that you're not doing that already GC, but i think you can find other things to stimulate your LO. And let me just tell you that bad habits start the minute you walk in the door from the hospital. We as new mothers tend to do what works for us and we get into routines that aren't good for the baby and you may not even notice it right away until it becomes a noticeable bad habit. Also, we do come here for advice and I as well as anyone else should be able to voice there opinion whether good or bad. Just because someone disagrees it doesn't mean they are being rude. If you read the posts again from top to bottom you can see exactly where someone misconstrued pbj's words. GC, you asked for a suggestion regarding good developmental videos and my answer to that is none. At least until he is 6 months.


GC - May 11

It is good to see so many replies. My husband also insists that my ds is too young for TV. Probably, we would introduce TV to him after 3 -4 months. I would also ask my ped in our next visit.



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