Best Ways To Comfort Your Baby When Crying

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WLaura - April 19

Do you have any tips and suggestions on what to do when your baby cries a lot? I’m looking for some “best-practice” ways to comfort her. What has worked for you?


meg - April 19

When my ds was little he cried a lot! The only thing that seemed to comfort him was being held. While we were holding him, we had to be standing up & most of the time bouncing a bit. It was a lot of work...but good exercise! & it made my baby happy! :-)


lissica - April 19

What works for me is either holding my son over my shoulder while pacing around the house or cradling him in my arms while rocking back and forth making "shhhhing" sounds. His soother helps a lot too.


Crystal83 - April 19

My dd is almost 8 months old and I still swaddle her. I just use a bigger blanket! She loves it, especially when she is over-tired and over stimulated and can't seem to stop moving.


kim00 - April 19

My first dd was very colicky. The only thing that would calm her, was to warm a blanket in the drier, then tightly swaddle her in it. Once she would fall asleep, I put her in the swing, still swaddled.


tish212 - April 19

It depends on your childs age, the best thing i have found with my dd is for me to hold her upright and give her her bippy, while i either dance around or walk she loves movement. However when this doesnt work (my dd has bad gas) i turn her around facing outward and run my arm across her stomach and hold her up by her crotch- by doing this my arm is applying slight pressure to her belly this helping her relieve her gas, i have to walk around during this though that way the movement helps apply more pressure off and on. When she is upset laying her down makes it worse, she wants constant attention and granting her that helps a lot. Children love to move and just holding them standing in place may not do it, so try walking around giving them new exciting things to watch and see... we take regular everyday things we see for granted where as with a baby they are new and exciting, another thing we did when my dd was first born was take her for nightly car rides, she loves the bouncing of our jeep on our road (we live in the country on a rough back road) and it would put her to sleep and since she had to sleep in her carseat for a while due to her reflux it worked out perfectly. Now she just likes to be held and danced (she is 4 months old) On the days i can't seem to get it right i go through everything in my head. i have a mental list and check off each item until i find what is working, check diaper, check if it feels like it became to tight or have moved to being uncomfortable, check her clothes if she drooled on them and feels uncomfortable, make sure she has her bippy, check her hands to see if she is hot or cold, check to see if she is tired, by swaddling her in her swaddle wrap and putting her in her ba__sinet, walking her around, swing, bounce etc... eventually i find what is wrong and we are all happy again...i hope this helps Also crystals swaddling really really helps my dd loves to be swaddled when she sleeps, infact she wont sleep if she isn't and if she is tired and she isn't being swaddled for sleep she will scream and scream until she sees us get her wrap out and begin to swaddle her, then she will calm right down. I will like crystal has continue to swaddle her until she no longer needs it for comfort. I know some people disagree with this but it is no different than using a bippy or letting them suck their thumb its just another comfort tool. good luck i hope you find the answer you are looking for and sorry this is so long i talk so much! :)


jenna32 - April 19

yes,cuddling and walking around. Don't forget to try singing as well :)



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