Better Late Than Never

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lil mumma - July 4

Hi guys! I don't know if anyone remembers me from the third trimester board (I've dropped off the radar since having bub) but thought I'd post his birth here where people may remember me! My DS was born 1st May - 9 days late. I was in so much pain at the end that I was almost praying for death! I was supposed to see the spec @ 10am re induction and went into labour naturally anyway -my waters broke at 3am! After a long spurious labour and the help of Syntocinon, Flynn Thomas arrived at 6.45 that night weighing 9lb 1oz. I was lucky enough to get the water birth that I longed for and highly recommend it to anyone considering - it helped alot with the pain and I didn't get any tears/grazes. It's been a long rocky road since (my last bub was 12 years ago) what with a bout of mast_tis (ouch!) and reflux, but I've finally got him into a routine and he's sleeping through the night. I've fallen totally in love with him! So, that's my's good to be in the infant care forum now and seeing how everyone is doing. Good luck and may you all have healthy, happy bubs!


jas - July 4

I don't know you from the other board, but I wanted to say welcome! I had my ds March 24, so we missed eachother on the third trimester board. I have an 11 year old son as well. I noticed you said you have a 12 year old. How are they adapting to the baby? Although he helps out and plays with the little one, he is also getting into the habbit of lying. Not sure if that's due to a phase that comes with the age or because of Jadon. Anyway, welcome!


starr - July 4

Congratulations.My baby girl was born one day before her due date on June [email protected]:26pm.I too took a long break between babies.I have 2 boys 10 and 12 yrs old and now little Heaven Yaliyah who is 17 days old.Good Luck to all


^lucy^ - July 4

congrats and welcome to the infant care section :) i had my first baby girl Taleen on May 16th, exactly 1 week before the due date.. she was a tiny baby, so cute and lovely.. she's doing well now but im a bit sad cz im going back to work next week :( but its fine since im quitting anyway.. would love to spend the time with dd :) cant wait until she sleeps through the night,, 5 hrs was the maximum for us until now!! what a surprise it was! congrats again :)



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