BF 4 Month Old Dropped From 25th To 15th Percentile

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CgGirl - September 10

Just went to the pediatrician today. As t_tle said she dropped in weight but went from the 75th to the 90th in height. Pediatrician didn't seem that concerned but said she wouldn't want her do drop any more and said I should think about supplementing my dd with formula. I'm not sure if I should. I already feed her every 3 1/2 hour or so during the day (she sleeps through the night) and try to keep her at least 15 minutes on the br___t (total). But even then, sometimes she regurgitates. I don't think my milk supply has dropped or anything, but dd is really fussy on the br___t thoughI could really use some advice ladies!


Buffi R. - September 10

If she's only taking b___stmilk, I think it's more typical to feed every 2-3 hours because it doesn't last in the body as long as formula does. I would recommend trying to feed more often and for a longer period of time. 15 minutes total probably isn't enough time on each side for your baby to get the more fatty "hind" milk that comes out at the end. She's probably only getting the "fore" milk that doesn't pack on as many pounds and nutrients.


britt_m - September 10

My dd only fed for 10-12 minutes total, about every 3ish hours and would've gone longer if I didn't offer it then. She was small and and stayed a little under % to 5th %. Shes average now at 15 months but still on the smaller side. If you think everything is going fine I wouldn't worry about it. I went to a lactation consultant as I didn't want to do formula if I didn't need to. She was getting plenty of milk and everything was fine! She just explained it as some women produce milk thats just not as fatty as others, sort of like whole milk to 2% or 1% milk. Its still the best thing for the baby. You could try feeding off one b___st per feeding and keeping her on there as long as possible. I know my dd refused just one. Maybe its also just natural for her stature, tall and skinny? My dd weighed 12lbs at 2 months and didn't gain a pound til after 6 months! Yes she was 12lbs still at 6 months. I started fatty baby foods (avocado) at 4 months without cutting any feedings just to try and get her to gain pounds. She was only 19lbs at her 12 month well baby as well. Sometimes they are just smaller, I know I always hear about super moms with big b___stfed babies! Mine wasn't like that at all. She reached all her milestones and is very smart. I'd say contact a la leche league in your area at least to speak with over the phone, or even go to the meetings!


clindholm - September 10

It also sounds like she had a growth spurt regarding her height (increased 15%)which would effect her weight (decreased 10%). Have you begun the rice cereal with her now that she is 4 months? I would tend to think that if she was not getting enough, she would still be feeding through the night which is not the case. How many dirty diapers per day does the get? Her output should help indicate if she is getting sufficient input.


CgGirl - September 10

She does get about 3-4 poos a day, I did try to keep her longer on the b___st but she would regurgitate. I guess my next step (i.e. tomorrow!) is to feed her a little more often then. I usually feed her around 5 times a day so perhaps I'll try 6 times a day...


Bellas Mom - September 12

As long as you are feeding her on demand, she is acting fine (no extreme crying) and you are feeling okay I wouldn't even listen to the ped in this one. My dd was born 75th and by 2 weeks she had gained 2 pounds already. Was in the 90th til 5 months, then satyed the same weight until about 10 months, dropping to the 5% My ped never mentioned a word. She is now a 30-pounder-almost-3-y/o and still b___stfeeding. If you have any concerns I would highly recommend a lactation consultant, they are more knowledgeable (sp?) in the subject. Oh and one more thing, don't forget those percentiles really don't mean much for the b___stfed baby. Try what these mommies have said of sticking to one side per feeding to get the fatty milk. That worked for us as well.



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