BF In Public

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Christy - June 15

Ok- I was going to bring this up anyway. It is illegal to bf in public in Ohio (from where I hail.) Bonnie's link to will confirm. I have bf in public. Should I have my ass haled in jail and my name put in the local police blotter?


Christy - June 15

BTW- i meant to say hauled, not haled.


Jamie - June 15

Federal law says it's legal to b___stfeed anywhere you are allowed to be with your child. I think (thought I may be wrong) that federal law overrules state laws.


Chelsey - June 15

I guess it depends Christy... are you b___stfeeding and smoking pot at the same time? That'll get you in the paper!


Christy - June 15

ROFLMAO, Chelsey! :D


Rabbits07 - June 15

shoot...I thought this was serious.


Christy - June 15

Rabbits07- You can make it serious if you like. We were just having a little snarky moment. :) I was trying to find a relevant topic to infant care that illustrates the fact that just because something is illegal, does not make it wrong or immoral. And conversely, if something it immoral or unethical does not necessarily mean it is illegal. I was hoping it would challenge a certain forum members' notions of legality and morals. ;)


Rabbits07 - June 15

yeah, I seen that. When I saw the topic I thought it was about do you/don't you or something to that affect. It's really illegal to b___st feed in public in certain states? Did not even know that...I knew that some people were offended, but I didn't know it was illegal. Learn something new everyday, I guess.


Bonnie - June 15

I never knew it was illegal in some states! This is a topic I feel VERY pa__sionate about...and I don't even (nor even tried) b___stfeed. I think absolutely women have the right to BF anywhere they want. It is so silly that people get uptight about seeing a b___b. A kid's gotta eat when a kid's gotta eat!


Shelly - June 15

I'm going to tell on you Christy!!! Foe doing something that illegal!! tsk tsk!!


Christy - June 15

Shelly- I'm going tell on you too! For what, I don't know, but I'm sure Tiffani will help me! :D


Shelly - June 16

I'm sure Tiffani would be more than happy to help you Christy!!


Narcissus - June 16

Hi Christy:) It may be illegal but I would be suprised if any cop would actually enforce that law. Men are typically intimidated by public bf and will do anything to avoid being caught peeking.


Christy - June 16

Narci! Hello, woman! How are you? :D I'd love to see a male cop try to nab a woman for bf her baby in public. I don't know many men who'd want to be that cop. Yeah, I think men are definitely weirded out about bf in public, but they seem to be fine with urinating outdoors. ;)


bean - June 16

Federal law says it ok to bf in public - anywhere both the mother and baby are legally allowed to be. Federal law ALWAYS overrides any state law - hence why we have the Supreme Court.


Tami - June 16

ROFL Christy! Good point. Heck no is my answer! I have bf everywhere-from an nba basketball game to a Ross's. Just make sure you don't bf and smoke pot at the same time as Chelsey said-lol! Narc-I would love to see a cop try to arrest someone who is nursing in public! That would be hilarious. All she'd have to do is unlatch the baby and flash him the b___b and he'd be struck dumb. :D


Christy - June 16

Jamie and bean- the federaql law stiulates that you may bf on federal proprety, not just anywhere. (there should be a dash between 106 and 1848)



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