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Mel_C - June 20

Just wondering how long you bf mommies typically br___tfeed for? ds used to feed for up to an hour or more at a time when he was first born, but has been cutting down timewise. He's just over 4 months now and is taking about 10 minutes per feed - he's been doing this for the last few weeks. I know that this happens naturally as they get older and more efficient at sucking, but ten minutes seems like such a small amount! He's still gaining weight and seems generally happy enough. I wasn't too concerned until mil commented, because it happened so gradually...... should I be worried??


krithi20 - June 20

My DS is 7.5 weeks old and she has reduced to 10 minutes too. Somtimes just about 7 or 8 minutes. She has also been gaining weight normally. so I dont worry abt it too much. But I also keep wondering if she is getting enough.


taral - June 20

Mel_C: My son only eats for about 10 min (or less) per feed. He is a big boy and growing fine, but am glad you asked this because I wondered if this was normal.


bbelmore - June 20

mine too, he eats 10 minutes or so only on one b___st... gaining 1 pound every ten days so far at 11 weeks old.


LisaB - June 20

I have a fast let down and ds will nurse about 5-10 minutes tops unless relaxing and going to bed then he'll snuggle more. Even when he was a newborn he only nursed 5-10 minutes. Hes now 7 months and thriving. With bf as long as lo is gaining your doing ok.


Rabbits07 - June 20

All mine that b___stfeed have always only nursed for 7-10 minutes. Ds (11 weeks) is that way and has been since birth. In the evenings he tends to nurse longer, but thriough the day it's usually 10 minutes tops if that long.


Beth B - June 20

I am sooo glad you asked this because my LO used to nurse for an hour and now its 7 minutes or less each side. He is just over four months too. Its amazing how much more time I have now that he eats so fast. Appears to be normal too!


bean - June 20

My dd is 6 weeks and from nearly the beginning she only nursed for about 5 minutes per feeding. Granted she ate every hour or two... Now she eats every 2 hours (3 to 4 at night) and still only nurses for about 5 minutes at a time. However, she gained 3lbs in 3 weeks at her last checkup!


luvbendict - June 21

My ds took 5-10 minutes since the day he was born. He seemed content with just 1 b___st. If yr ds keeps gaining weight, healthy, happy and gets enough wet diapers. I don't think you should worry about it.


^lucy^ - June 21

my baby girl is a month and 5 days now.. i b/f her exclusively.. sometimes she takes only 5 minutes and refuses to feed more.. sometimes it can go up to 30 minutes and she's still sucking.. however i try to make her burp every 10 minutes if she goes beyond that cz she has the habit of over eating and then she'll vomit all the extras :p i feel sad sometimes and worry if my baby girl feeds for 2 minutes and then sleeps.. especially at late night when she's so sleepy.. im scared that she'll be so hungry but she's growing and happy so i think there's no rule to stick into it.


ca_pink - June 21

My baby started feeding for approx 10 mins, give or take since 4 weeks. We asked her pedi about it as well as a lactation consultant and they said that's normal as they become more efficient in getting the milk. They said it is fine as long as the baby doesn't seem frustrated after feedings and continutes to gain weight, etc.



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