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Topaz - March 7

This past week I started to wean my 13 month old dd from br___tfeeding. I have replaced an afternoon feeding with a bottle of whole milk. The problem is she barely drinks any of it. Yesterday she wouldn't even accept the milk and just wanted to nurse. I guess I'm worried she's not getting enough if she's only drinking 1 ounce for the one feeding. Does anyone have any advice?


3babies - March 8

Hi Topaz, with my older 2 I had them weaned at 12 months, by which time they were on 1 b___stfeed/day. So I just dropped that and it was it. I can tell you though, that my oldest particularly HATED milk, so I just tried to get the calcium into him via yoghurt, cheese etc. I tried a few of the toddler milk formula things, but he didnt even like those, so I just stuck with the whole foods, water (which he also hated so was often very diluted juice!) etc. Just remember the point of weaning them is that they are onto "normal" food. They no longer "require" formula or b___stmilk. They may enjoy the nursing themselves, so it is really up to you whether you want to continue to nurse or not. If you feel you and bub is ready, then you just have to be prepared for a couple of bad days each time you drop a feed. It is just like breaking a habit for her. I would continue to offer milk with whatever snacks or food she has (a sip here and there is better than nothing). Have you tried warming milk (I know silly, but just a suggestion ... kids are funny like that!). Good luck, but if you really feel ready to wean, just have a plan and go for it! Your lo will follow your lead. Good luck!


Emily - March 8

I wish I could help you, once I started my oldest dd on whole milk, she weaned herself. She refused to nurse. Maybe try switching a different bottle. Like istead of an afternoon feeding, replace a morning feeding. Also it maybe that she doesn't liket he bottle not the milk. This may be the case if you have never given her pumped milk or formula in a bottle. My dd took bottles of pumped milk during the day while I worked and I started by just re[placing those bottles with whole milk. I would then work on the times I nursed her like mornign and night later, but hte little zit refused to nurse once I gave her whole milk, she prefered it. If hse has taken a bottle before, it may just be that she didn't really need that feeidng and she was just nurisng for comfort. My youngest nurses for comfort. She can jsut finish a bottle of pumped milk or formula if she has run out of pumped milk but as soon as I walk in the door from work taht day, she wants to nurse casue she hasn't seen me all day. It may sound harsh, but dont give in and you may even have to let someone esle give ehr that bottle of milk if she is so used to you bf her all the time. If she isn't comfortable witht he bottle, try giving it her in a sippy.



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