BFing Only Mini Pill And No Period

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first-timer - January 15

I was just wondering if there is any one else out there who is exclusively br___t feeding and on the mini-pill. And if so, are you getting your period? I went on the mini-pill at 8 weeks pp and I still have no period ( 15 weeks pp ). I know that I can't be preggo but was just wondering what others experiences are like. My Dr. said I would get a period. ( She is not the swiftest though)


iemc19 - January 15

It can be different for everyone...My period didn't come back until my ds was 9.5 months old - and by that point he was only nursing in the evening and a couple of 'drinks' through the day (and had been for a good few weeks)...I actually didn't even go on the pill until I was about 5 months pp this time...But thats only because he's my 4th and each time my period doesn't come back until about this time..My dr reckoned I wouldn't fall pregnant until I ovulated and I wouldn't ovulate until I had a period...We decided to test her theory out and hang the consequences


pregnant76 - January 15

I b___stfeed and only supplement with one bottle of formula a day, and I am also on the minipill. I just got my period back and my dd is 6.5 months old. But I suspect that it only came back b/c I recently dropped a feeding a couple of weeks ago.


IrinaZ - January 16

I started the minipill at 6 week pp. My DS is almost 7 mo now and I still don't have my period (thank God!) I started him on solids twice a day and BF the rest of the time.


first-timer - January 16

Thanks for the input ladies. I knew that I probably wouldn't be getting my period given the bfing factor but when the dr. said I would and I haven't I began to question it. Plus I am super religious about taking the pill at the same time every day.


c_baer19 - January 16

I went on the minipill about 3-4 weeks PP. My DD is almost 6 months and I still haven't had a period yet! Dreading the day it comes back, though.. LOL!



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