BFP And Freaking Out

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jb - March 3

I took a test tonight and found out I am pregnant. I am excited, but as soon as I read 'pregnant' on the test, I started to freak out! We planned on having our kids this close together, but I guess the reality of me officially being pregnant hit me!!! Did any of you feel this way? I almost liked not having the confirmation, but 'knowing'...or assuming I was pregnant. I sure hope this feeling passes!


CyndiG - March 3

I think every single time you see that bfp, you have that same reaction! I've had 3 pregnancies, 2 babies, 1 miscarriage, and with each one, I had that OMG WHAT HAVE I DONE feeling. You wouldn't be normal if you didn't! Congratulations!


mandee25 - March 3

Congrats. How old is your lo now?


Alison - March 3

Congratulations! It is a HUGE thing to see that pregnant result in front of you I totally think your feelings are normal! Wishing you and your family every blessing and wishing you a healthy happy pregnancy xxx


jb - March 3

Thank you, Cyndi, Mandee, and Alison. My dd turned a year old on Feb 11th.


DB - March 3

Congrats!! How exiting!!!!


sahmof3 - March 3

I agree w/ Cyndi! My younger two are 17 months apart and I was soooo freaking out when I found out, but eventually it gave way to being really excited :-)


Alison - March 3

Hey jb your situation is very similar to my sister in law's she is expecting her second baby 3rd June and her little boy turned one on August 27th so he'll be about 21 months when the new baby comes :-) xxx


hrsmith - March 3

jb, i just found out i am pregnant as well. we have had a lot of major changes happen with buying a new house and all, so i have been a little nervous too, but it's funny beause i decided a few months ago that i wasn't going to worry about anything anymore. My sisters famous words rang through in my ears and they were... "you just do it. Everything figures itself out." I truly believe that. how far apart will your kids be? Mine will be right at 2 years.


DownbutnotOUT - March 3

i have 3 children and pregnant with number 4. DS#1 is 5 and a bit, DS#2 will be 4 in June, DD is turning 2 on March 15th, the baby I lost was due dec 3, 2006, and this baby I will have on May 31. I will have 4 children under the age of 6 and it's hard but I wouldnt want it any other way, this way there close together and Im 27 and done having babies lol.


jb - March 3

Thanks everyone for the encouragement. It really is making me feel better. Hrsmith, congrats to you!!! Your sister is so right when she said 'you just do it. Eveything figures itself out'. She is a smart woman! My dd and my new one will be about 21 months apart!!


amyh - March 4

JB- I am with you! My daughter just turned one on Feb. 17th. Found out I was pregnant on the 20th...and have been freaking out ever since. My husband went skiing with the guys this weekend and I have been home all alone with my daughter who is like a little leech at the moment. It's stressful and makes me even more freaked out. I just keep telling myself that by the time #2 comes around, she will be walking, talking some, and more independent. Positive thoughts!!!! Congratulations. We can do this!


Erin1979 - March 4

Congratulations!! It will be hard, but your kids will grow up close, and it will get easier!!! My SIL has twin girls (who are now almost 5) and exactly 53 weeks later had a little boy. It was like having triplets. She was totally stressed, but now 5 years later, would not have it any other way!! Good luck!


Jmom - March 4

I am 28 weeks pregnant with my 2nd- my 2 will be 14 1/2 months apart. I wanted them close, and it was a planned pregnancy, but to this day I still think- Oh Sh** what did I get myslef into- I don't think I am ready. But, I don't really have a choice now:) I am also excited too! DH and I figure it'll be hard (as we are continuously told), but we won't know the difference- not having kids far apart:)


krista-lee - March 4

hey jb, i got a bfp Feb 15th and this will be my second too, I have a 9 month old.


cae - March 7

Congrats jb!! That is great. Hope all goes well. I am going back in forth as to when we should have another one. My DH is always saying Ethan needs a little brother or sister. He is sooooo ready. That is so exciting! Congrats.


kristie h - March 7

WOW So many BFP for the begging of 2007, congrats to all of you. My DS is 2 and i am 12 weeks pregnant. When DS was 4 months i got a BFP and boy did i freak but i lost it. When DS was 1 i got a BFP and lost that one. Now im pregnant again i couldt be happier. jb, by the time this one comes your lo will be nearly two which is not a bad age gap, just make the most of the next 9 months with your lo, i am sure your nerves will ease as time pa__ses.



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