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SuzieQ - March 10

All right. I never take my dd to my mom and baby classes when she is sick. So last week I go and one of the other mom's gives my dd her son's toy to play with (ie slobber all over!). Two minutes later, I hear the worst sounding cough EVER coming from her little boy - sharp, loud and lots of phlegm! I took the toy out of my dd's mouth, saying - "Oops - he sounds really sick and i don't want you to get cooties sweetie" and put the toy back beside the other mother's diaper bag. Three days later my dd is now sick - has a small cough, runny nose, a low fever, and is miserable. WHY would someone take a sick baby around other babies???!!! ARRRRRGH! I know my dd is going to get sick in her lifetime, but preventative measures are so easy to do! Wash your hands, don't share toys if your kid is sick, etc etc. Sigh. Anyways, I won't even start to vent about our trip to the walk in clinic today..... c__p, I will anyways since I'm whining. Apparently the doctor there was shocked that I don't give my 5 month old water to drink, that I only br___tfeed her (although she does get cereal once a day now), we were cosleeping, and that I had totally overdressed her for a doctor's visit. I just had her in a tshirt with a diaper shirt underneath! It took 3 seconds to whip up her tshirt and open a few snaps! AAAAAARRRRGG!!! All right, thanks for reading, if anyone has read this far! I needed a gooooood vent! :)


ash2 - March 10

Wow, im so sorry about that lady...i try not to take DS out unless it is nessecary and a baby cla__s is not nessecary.I dont even let them go to church, not only because they will spread the germs, but when they are sick their little immune system is soooo weak that they are bound to get sicker.


mandee25 - March 11

That woman should have kept her child home. It is just common sense. My ds has his first cold right now at 15 weeks and he is doing okay. He has a cough, runny nose and is a bit more fussy that usual. I hope your dd gets better soon!


punkin01 - March 11

i toatlly agree with you ....i had a vent post on here not long ago in refrence to being in wal mart and the line was really long in the pharmacy....this woman came up behind me and was yelling at her hubby /boyfriend about taking so long that the child had just threw up AGAIN on isle 9 and that she needed the medicine ....the poor man was like honey i am in line and its long but moving pretty good......that wasnt good enough she kept on raising her voice to this man about how sick the girl was and about that time she threw up AGAIN right there......i wanted to turn around and yell at her to take the sick kid home ....i was in line for prenatal vitimins and DD was with me so she was exposing me and my unborn and my 16 mo old i was so p__sed then i get to the front register and the cashier is coughing all over my money and receipt and then hands it to me!!!!!!! i felt like coming home and me and DD taking a lysol and clorox shower!!!!!!!!!!then i mentioned it at work and got bashed for "what if it was a single mom that has no one to watch the child" lots of pharmacies have a drive thru now but anyway sorry to take over your post to vent again!!!!!!


LollyM - March 12

Aww, I'm sorry to hear about your lo! There are so many people out there who just don't use their brains... I was in the laundry room with dd once, at our apartment complex and a women came in with a 16 month old. Well, this little boy ran right up to dd which was fine since I understand the curiosity factor, but then he stareted grabbing her toys and touching her hands.. his were covered in cookie crumbs and who knows what else! I just kept saying, " that's the baby's toy, thank you" and taking the toys back, and I made sure dd didn't put her hands in her mouth until I could get them with a wipe! I just can't understand why I should have to watch some one else's kid when I am just trying to do my laundry! The mom was nice, but man it irritated me! Of course I couldn't say anything because i'm sure we will be seeing each other again. Anyway, sorry to add my own vent! lol I just know how you feel. Luckily dd didn't get sick but I would have been so mad if she did!


mischelly30 - March 12

I hear you on the touching-babies'-hands- that is not good, they put their hands in their mouths all the time. It bothers me as well when people bring their babies to daycare and they're *clearly* too sick to be there. But, ash2, I think never taking baby outside unless necessary is a bit extreme. Research indicates that exposing them to germs when they are babies is beneficial in the long-run. If baby is exposed to common germs, they will be less likely to get sick when they start school. I'm also not certain on the "weak" immune system ash2 mentions. SuzieQ, not sure if you breasfeed, but babies who are b___stfed actually have pretty strong immune systems, because immunities pa__s through mom's b___stmilk. Just food for thought, hope it makes you feel better about dd being sick.


kristie h - March 13

Mischelly from what i read of ash2 post i think she means not to take her DS out when he is sick? Anyway i hope your LO gets better soon and i am sure there is many more colds to come. GL


SuzieQ - March 13

michelly30 - my dd is b___stfed, so everything I am exposed to should get antibodies in my milk. (I think that's how it works :) She's doing better now, but is waking pretty much every hour because her poor little cough hurts her throat. The doc said to just wait it out, get lots of fluids into her. Poor thing :( Anyways, thanks for listening.



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