Bilingual Babies

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Shelly - October 21

Anybody out there with intentions of teaching their babies 2 (or more) languages?? When is it a good time to start and how are you planning to introduce the second language?


monica - October 21

i do...I plan to teach him spanish first then when he goes to school he can learn english...babies are so smart they will learn so easily.


T. - October 21

Monica...just curious and not to be mean, but if you don't teach your baby english too, how will he/she be able to understand the teacher when they start school? That is if you live in the US. I have a friend who is teaching her son both. Her husband talks to him in english and she talks to him in spanish. It seems to be working fine for them.


glendy - October 21

we've actually been debating about this..i am puerto rican and the my honey is american. I am determined on our son learning spanish as well as english, but daddy is worried about him getting confused and not grasping either well. Growing up i didn't have that problem because we always spoke spanish at home and english at school and with friends. it actually works out well because you are so surrounded by english that you pick it up automatically, the real challenge is staying in tune with your spanish


Toya - October 21

One thing I have learned is that the babies don't usually confuse the languages. Good point Glendy. I knew spanish better than a friend of mine in high school whose family was cuban. She was so used to speaking English in school that it was hard for her to keep up with her spanish at home. I plan on teaching Asjani the basics of spanish. Similar to the basics they teach on Dora the Explorer.


moncia - October 21

To T, I didnt know any english when I went I first started school I did just fine. They dont require too much in preschool.... he will learn english I know english better than spanish unfortunatly. BTW my husand does not know any spanish so I am he will learn some english as well.


soleil - October 21

Hey, I want my daughter to learn spanish first before she learns english. Spanish was my first language and had to go to ESL for just one year in school to learn english, I picked it up quick and now i have forgotten my spanish! Anyways I want her to learn spanish first, dont know if she will because I speak english all the time!


Shelly - October 21

I want Jesse to learn English and Dutch,and then spanish as a third language,but that one he can start it in school and when he knows the other 2 i can speak in 3 languages to him,but i don't want him to get confused either.Maybe i should speak English during the day and Dutch at night?


Missy - October 21

I plan on having Natalia learn English first, so that both her father and I can communicate with her, and also having her learn Spanish at an early age so that her father's family can communicate with her, as they only speak Spanish for the most part. I have been thinking about this and I think that before we push the Spanish on her, I want her to be fluent in English.


Lissi - October 21

I'm hoping Nadya will learn Russian as well as English. Don't really have a plan yet, but my husband talks Russian to most of the time.


My opion - October 21

I dont think its fair that a teacher has to teach your kid english. Take it from me it hard work enough with a cla__s full of kids.


TCB - October 21

I would teach my baby english first since its the hardest language to learn.


Lisa*9 - October 21

I knew a family who spoke three different langages. When the baby was 18 months I think she had no problem understanding either language. Her older sister could speak fruently on either languageI think was was a couple of months past three,so it can be done. My sister had two langauges in her home her children had no problem understanding french but the kids mostly spoke english. I would say speak both in the home and go for it.


P - October 22

My daughters father speaks six languages but Polish is his first language and he speaks it to her all the time. I would like for her to know at least one other language besides English. I'm Canadian so she will learn French in school, my mother speaks fluent Finnish and Swedish and my b/f speaks Russian, Greek, Yugoslavian and Czech besides Polish and English. Oh the decisions!! lol I'm planning on sending her to Polish school when she gets a little older.


Fabienne - October 22

I speak French to Matthew - exclusively and his dad speaks English to him - exclusively too - so that he'll grow up knowing and speaking both languages -


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 22

My husband and I only speak english, but I have a friend who her family is Puerto Rican and speak mostly Spanish, her 3 kids can go back and forth between the two languages with no effort at all and understand both. I think kids just pick it up and learn so fast. A few women I used to work with one Russian and one Polish, their grown children are fluent in both but grandkids understand both but tend to answer in English no matter which language they are spoken to. Kids are smart.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 22

I have a friend who speaks English to her daughter as well as everyone else but her mother speaks Spanish to her grandaughter. She just turned 2 and already speaks english very clear but will only speak spanish to her grandmother. Very funny, she if pretty fluent in both but will only speak spanish to her nana!



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