Binkies And The Two Year Old What To Do

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luviduvi - March 1

My dd just turned two and she is very attached to her binky. Some say that she shouldn't still be with binky but I think its not harming anything. I have two neices that had their binks until the age of three and nothing came of it...I am not looking to take it away just yet, (she became insanely attached to it after her little brother arrived this past fall), I am just looking for ideas on how I can slowly take it from her. Any ideas? Oh, and I am sure some of you will ask.......YES lil bro takes the bink too


ash2 - March 1

Cut a whole in the top and it will lose its suction ! She will not want it anymore .


k.p.j.e. - March 1

Ha ha that is a good idea! I have never heard of that is that what you did ash 2? Did your kid freak out when you did it? I will have to remember that tip. Seems kinda mean but at the same time, sometimes you have to be a little sneaky I guess.


ash2 - March 1

No , actually my kids never used one, a friend told me that it worked like a charm !


Mellissa - March 1

Rylee used a binky when she went to bed until right a few months after her 2nd birthday. I was going to try to "slowly" take it away from her, but dh accidentally left it at the babysitter's house one day (rylee threw all the extras we had out the car window...i think she wanted to get rid of them. lol). I put her to bed without it, she cried for about 5 minutes, then went to sleep...never to mention it again. I don't know if it's that easy with every child...but I was glad i didn't have to try too hard with her.


Renea - March 2

All of my kids are binkie lovers--and I start the process of weaning them off of it at about 2 years of age. I start with they can only have it at nap and bedtime--it stays in the room. My girls were easy--I was able to just take the binkie away after a little while of this. My son was totally different. I did do what Ash said---I would cut off just a very little bit of the top--lose it's suction, but they still have the feeling of it. I would wait abbout a day and cut a little more off. After about a week, there really wasn't much but a stub left. We would say it was broken and time to get rid of it (the joy of sucking would have pa__sed too since there wasn't anything to suck on). Once they were ready to get rid of the pacifier (we call it a nana)---we would leave it for the "nana fairy" and she would take their pacifier and leave them a small toy.


tinkri - March 2

My dd was almost 3 when we took hers away. She left hers for the easter bunny.


Kara H. - March 2

American Baby (i think) just had a suggestion page on this. I thought the best one was a women who told her daugher that Elmo was going to have a baby sister and that they couldn't get pacifiers on Sesame Street, so they were going to mail hers to Elmo. She put them all in a box and took them to the post office and handed them over to the lady at the counter - she had attached a not to the top of the box that said "Please throw these away when we leave". She said her daughter never asked for a pacifier again. Another lady told her little boy that there were other babies in other parts of the world that didn't have any pacifiers. She said that they should send his pacifiers to those kids and her son agreed. She bought a bunch of balloons and tied the pacifiers to the balloons. The released the balloons one at a time that evening. She said her little boy talked about helping the other babies for a couple of weeks afterwards. I thought that was so sweet. I hope she actually did end up giving to a charity, but the article didn't say...


Emily - March 2

To start with limit binky use to only at naps or bed time, then you can deside what to do next. I have heard the cutting the tip thing works great. My two old doesn't take one but I have a feeling if I tried to cut the tip off of it if she did take one, she would just tell me it was broken and tell me to get a new one at the store. We ran out of soap one day and told her we would have to get more at the store. She was so upset we ran out….and the next day she was fussing in the car and I told her if she wan't good she couldn’t go to the store with me. She looked at me and said, "Get more soapy?!" Smrt kid. Now everytime somehting is broke or gone, she says, "we get new one or more at the store…"



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