Birth Control After Pregnancy

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Jamie - September 1

Okay, I know this isn't strictly "infant care" related, but you all have had your babies, so you've already had to do doctor has told me that I MUST have some form of birth control at my six-week checkup; she said that if I become pregnant again within the next 6 months, she will strenuously recommend an abortion and refuse to have me as a patient for OB care...I understand her being so emphatic about this, because my recent pregnancy was NOT an easy one - I was extremely high-risk, and it's her professional opinion that if I don't give my body time to recover, it could lead to either mother or fetal fatality. But, that leaves me kind've in a bind...I don't want the pill, cause I'll forget to take it; I don't want the shot, because everyone I know who's had the shot developed cysts on their ovaries; I considered an IUD, but my mom freaked out and said that could cause sterility; my husband isn't too keen on the idea of what other choices are there? What form of bc have you used, and what problems have you encountered with it? Would the pill or the shot "contaminate" my br___t milk?


Laikens Mom - September 1

You should try the patch. I have a friend who is on it because she wasn't good at taking pills. She puts it on her lower back once a week, and when her cycle comes, she doesn't have to wear it. So, if you can remember once a week to put on your patch, then I think it would be good for you. Set them on the bathroom sink so you remember. As far as birth control effecting your b___st milk I would ask the doctor.


Jenn... - September 1

I did a lot of research on the IUD before ultimately chosing it as my birth control. I have found that many women of previous generations have conccerns. My mother was worried about it as was my MIL. The IUDs that were available years ago had complications such as causing women to be infertile, causing pain, and the uterine lining would sometimes grow over the IUD. The market for IUDs today is much different, and there are now only two approved to use in the US. Today they have very few side effects and the effects of the IUD I chose are less likely than effects of the pill and hormone containing methods.


Michelle - September 1

Not to scare you but if you have an IUD and it fails and you become pregnant, it is very difficult to remove while pregnant and can result in a miscarriage. There is a thread in the Pregnancy Complications forum that convinced me to stay away from the IUD.


CEM - September 1

you could try a diaphragm (don't forget FRESH spermicide!), or sterilization for your husband (depending on your ages). that's what my husband is going to do, and he's been given the option of freezing some sperm just in case. neither method will affect your b___stmilk in any way. other than that, i can't really think of anything else.


Jamie - September 1

LOL CEM - my husband and I both just turned 23...sterilization for either of us isn't really a consideration, since we just have the one baby and definately want more! I think I'm gonna talk to my doctor about the patch. Thanks for the responses!


Brittany - September 1

I think your not suppose to use birth control if your b___st feeding, you can ask your doctor though. Have you ever heard of nuva ring? I REALLY wish someone told me about it from the very begining of my birth control days. It's a ring that you put in your v____a (the sunday after your period) and leave it in 21 days then take it out and that week you'll have your period. I know it sounds weird taking it in and out by yourself (you have to feel comfortable with your body I guess) but I absolutely LOVE it!! I don't have to worry about taking a pill everyday or a patch falling off before it's suppose to come off etc. It's a lower dose of hormones as well and doesn't fluctuate every week like the pill. It doesn't go through your liver like the pill as well, it goes right where it needs to. I've been on it for almost a year now and I LOVE IT. If it doesn't sound that great, just ask your doctor about it and maybe give it a try. I haven't had any problems what so ever with it, I just leave it in and don't have to worry for 21 days!!! I really recommend it to all ladies. You can't feel it and it's easy to put in and take's kinda like a tampon. My fiance' and I haven't had any problems with feeling it either!


Tami - September 2

Hey Jamie, I was wondering the same question that you are. I am due soon and was wondering what to do, so I asked my sister who had a baby the end of December. This is what she told me. She said that the doctor wouldn't let her have the patch becuase that can effect your b___st milk. Also regular birth control pills will also effect your b___st milk. Her doctor prescribed the mini pill which I am not exactly sure what it is, but I think it only contains one hormone rather than two. There is that or condoms and of course the IUD. Not much choices for us who are planning on b___stfeeding. I think I am going to do the mini pill if that is what my doctor prescribes and hopefully remember to take it! I guess I will just put them by my bed like I do my prenatal vitamins (I have to take them before bed to keep from throwing up), maybe that will help me remember!


Alisha - September 2

I use the ortho evra patch. I cannot remember to take the pill. I really like the patch it works well for my hormones and complection. It is kind of annoying sticking to your skin all the time but it is worth it.


Jenn... - September 2

The Copper IUD has a 1/1000 chance of pregnancy. If by some chance a woman did become pregnanct and did not know it and did not have the IUD removed there would be complications. As there would be if she were taking any other form of birth control.


To Jenn - September 2

Maybe you should read the thread that Michelle mentioned. I was horrified to see how many women are affected and how greater the complications are with an IUD if you become pregnant as apposed to any other contraception.


Brittany - September 2

I was reading the other posts on the IUD and my stepdads sister used it. She got it taken out 6 or 7 years ago and hasn't been able to concieve a baby since. Look into it though, all women are different. The mini pill sounds interesting!


Jenn... - September 2

I have seen those threads in the complications forum. I did my research before chosing the Paraguard IUD. I am happy with my decision.


amy - September 2

my god, i just spent an hour reading those stories of the pregnant women with iuds and i am staying away from that!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jamie - September 3

I just mentioned this whole thought process to my mother, and she absolutely freaked out and made me swear I wouldn't get an IUD.



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