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punkin01 - July 6

: hey guys i have a question.....i have been REALLY stressed out lately and my husband just told me tonite we on going on a day he has planned a water park another day is at an amusement park both is really great except one thing .......we will leave on thursday and i will be starting my period on wed or thur i am on BC pills i take the last active pill on sat and i usually start on wed or thur that will mess up the vacation that was intented for me /// a friend said that her doc told her that she could skip the 7 inactive pills and just start a new pack so her period wouldnt mess up her honeymoon is this true can i do this or will i just have to sit back and watch everyone else have fun??? ?


kristie h - July 6

Yes that is true. have a look at the instructions inside the pill packet and it should say all that in there. I have never done this b4 but i know when i was on the pill it had instruction and it told you how to make you delay your period.


Rabbits07 - July 6

I have heard that you can do that, too. That was really nice of your hubby to plan that for you! I guess they don't really think about having to plan for AF. Last year while planning our vacation I specifically counted ahead (I was on a regular 28 day cycle so it was easy) to make sure I was not PMS'ing or on my period when we went. (I was ovulating though and came home with the best souvenier ever!)...LOL


Lindsey - July 6

I've done that before, as i was due my period on my honeymoon, i carried on taking for the next 28 days and I didn't get my period. Your next period may be slightly heavier but that it normal.


Sarahsmommy - July 6

Yes you can do this. It may cause some spotting but probably not. I used to (with doctors permission) take 3 packs without taking the inactive pills, and never had any problems. Have fun.


Kelly K - July 6

I guess it's just me.. but I don't see how being on your period can ruin your vacation..


punkin01 - July 6

kelly k water park with WATER SLIDES and amus____nt park with WATER RIDES dont mix well with period (pads and bleeding) hello!!!!!!! thanks very much for all of your advise and comments rabbits07 no one can top that souvenier can they just like i had our baby girl the day after our anniversary so i dont know how to top that present this year but dh says she was special enough to be his anniversary present for years and years to come



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