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majalis - July 31

Hello new moms, I am new to this forum but have read it a long time! I am pregnant with # 3, due in Feb. I have been reading with much curiosity the discussions about hospital and home births, so I wanted to just do an informal "poll." I do NOT want to start any pro or con arguments--so please post those elsewhere--, I just want to see the info that can be gathered here. My question just is for those who had a hospital birth did you HAVE ANY KIND OF INTERVENTION, be it picotin--or any other drug, epidural, vacuum, etc? Thanks for sharing your birth story!


majalis - July 31

Ok, I will go first. My first 2 were hospital births with epidurals for both. Planning home birth for # 3, but still undecided.


gabby509 - July 31

Hi, I had my son in June at a hospital. I did get the epidural and although I went into labor on my own and was progressing, after 2 hours they gave me pitocin to regulate my contractions and make them stronger. They also had to break my water. No need for a vacuum or forceps.


Fall - July 31

I had both my sons in a hospital. With the first I had an epidural went well. With my second I had nothing went great! With my 3rd. I will have the baby in the hospital with nothing.


amanda17 - July 31

I went to the hospital too and had an epidural. It made things very easy for me, and would recommend it to anyone scared of the pain like I was. But now that I've had my daughter I wonder what it would be like if I had a home birth, intervention free. I hear it's a very empowering experience. Good luck, congratulations.


Buffi R. - July 31

I had both of my children in the hospital. The first, I went into labor prematurely at 32 weeks so I had lots of interventions like drugs to help stop the labor, I was inverted on the bed slightly with my head down, etc. For pain management, I always planned on having an epi, but they wouldn't give me one because they didn't want me to sit up on the side of the bed for fear I'd dilate more. So they gave me Nubain through an IV which made me really loopy, but I still felt the contractions. I had that baby about five hours after arriving at the hospital and he's doing fine now. No forcepts, etc. Baby #2, I was determined to get the epi this time, but I labored so fast that I literally almost had her on the way to the hospital. I was fully dilated when I arrived and pushed her out in five minutes with absolutely no interventions, not even fetal monitors because there wasn't time for any of that. Missed the epi again, but that labor was very tolerable. It helps a lot to go so quick (2-1/2 hours of labor to be exact) and not be at the hospital yet to ask for anything, if you're hoping to go natural.


tryin44 - July 31

I have four kids. My first I did 100% natural minus the induction. I was induced on my DD because the doc was afraid I wouldn't be aqble to have himmdue to his size. After almost 3hrs of pushing he came out. He weighed 10lbs 2 oz. He ended up in intensive care for 8 days unable to breath because he smashed his face up so bad coming out. He looked like a boxer. Anyways, from that point on I got induced two weeks early with my ather three. Number two and three were also pain med free. They also were 9 plus # babies. Number four I decided just for the heck of it I would try the epi. I have disk injuries in my back so I always had terrible back labor. It was fine but I do love the rush from doing it med free. I had mine all in the hospital and not at home. I would have loved to go into labor on my own and try no pitocin since they say it makes for much less dramatic contractions but after my first was so big and he was injured I din't want to risk it with my other kids. Good Luck in whatever way you choose.


fefer1 - July 31

My first I was induced with Pitocin and they tried to use the vacuum because I couldn't "push" her out because of the epidural and my numbness. I eventually did it on my own (the vacuum wouldn't stick cuz she had too much hair). With my second I went into labor on my own, I was all natural up until the last few minutes and got the epi (at 8cm)- and as soon as they rolled me over to check me after getting it I had to push. Wish I could have held out a few minutes longer. :) haha..No other intervention. My hospital does require pitocin AFTER birth to help the uterus contract though. Oh, both were in the hospital obviously.


fefer1 - July 31

And I had no issues with any of the "interventions", no problems whatsoever.


J.J. - July 31

Both in hospital w/epidurals, but the first was a hellish experience....18 hours of labor, vacuum, lots of pain. The second was induced (was 3 days late) and was a piece of cake. The irony: son who was vacced out came out pristine, and my daughter who was born after 3 quick pushes was all dented! Go figure. Overall, no regret on epi.


Crystal83 - July 31

I've had hospital births for all 3 of my kids. My first 2 deliveries were induced. The first one was induced with the gel, which they leave in for 12 hours to soften the cerix. I was 2 weeks overdue and the gel broke my water a little bit, but they still used the Pitocin IV. Within an hour I was having very strong contractions which went on for about 4 hours until I was 5 cm dialated and then opted to have an epidural. Loved the epi, it helped me to relax and get some sleep and within another 3 hours I was fully dialated and ready to push. Pushed for 20 min and had baby. Birth #2 they used the gel with me again, I was 9 days overdue, and within 3 hours of using the gel I was having contractions that progressed over a few hours and when they got unbearable I asked for an epi, but the only Dr. they had to do it was in surgery and I had to wait. The Dr. came and broke my water and it was all down hill form there, lol. Within an hour I was 8 cm from 4 cm and wanting to push, but the nurses told me I couldn't. Dr. came and checked and said I wasn't ready, but as he was leaving the room I told him I can't control it anymore and he came back and a few pushes later I delivered. Birth # 3 I went into labour 4 pm on my due date and by 11 pm I wanted to go to the hospital. I got sent home because my contractions weren't very strong. I had never been in labour on my own before so I didn't know!! I barely slept all night as the contractions got stronger and by 8 am I went back to the hospital where they proceeded to tell me that I was just dehydrated and to drink fluids and go home and have a warm bath because I had a long night ahead of me.....I went home and suffered through my contractions until 2 pm and then they went away for about an hour, so I tried to lay down and get some sleep and all of a sudden they came back and the contractions were worse than ever. I went into the shower and it helped a little, I thought I should go to the hospital but I was scared I would get sent home again, at 4 pm I told DH I didn't care if we get sent home again we're goin! (We live 20 min out of the city) I could barely stay still in the car and I couldn't walk when we got to the hospital, dh wheeled me up to mat ward and the nurses wanted me to walk from the front desk to the room....I did, but barely. Apparently they had me mixed up with some other girl and she wasn't supposed to be due yet so they were treating me like I was a first timer. Nurse checked me and I was 10 cm and she then apologised for making me I had to try not to push until the Dr. got there, which was really hard but I controlled it that time. 10 min later I delivered. I never tore with any of my births and for the most part I liked the way everything was handled. I plan on ttc # 4 soon and will opt for a hospital birth again. I just like the safeness of it, in case something were to go wrong. Good luck and congrats to you!!


DDT - July 31

I have had two hospital births. With both I went into labour naturally in my 39th week of pergnancy. With ds1 I was given morphine (at 2cm dilated)and an epidural (at 4cm dilated). With ds2 I I was given an epidural (at 7cm dilated).


K - August 1

I had a hospital birth. I planned to have a natural birth-no drugs whatsoever, but wound up with major intervention through no fault of the doctors or hospital. My dd would have died and I would have had some real problems too if I had tried a home birth. I went into labor and went to the hospital. My labor progressed extremely and unusually quickly, I dilated from a 2-10 and hit the pushing phase in 30 minutes. Had we not had problems, my entire labor and delivery would have only been about 2 to 2 1/2 hours (even with what happened I still had her less than 3 hours after going into labor). I was in really bad pain and screaming for an epidural right before they discovered how fast I was moving, and then they discovered that the reason I was in so much pain was that dd had somehow flipped head close to up (rare- she had been head down and engaged a few days before when I had been at the doctor.) and was completely stuck. Both she and I were getting battered with every contraction because of the way she was wedged in. It was crazy. People running everywhere. They had to give me a drug to try to slow down the labor so that they had time to get me quickly to the OR for an emergency C-section (when I say quickly- I mean the gurney ride was more like an amus____nt park ride). DD came out bruised and battered (poor thing even had to have a head CT), but healthy. If I had not already been at the hospital when it happened, they would not have had time to get me to a hospital and save her. I never thought something like that would happen to me- I guess no one does.


zaaramybaby - August 5

I was over due by a 40 weeks doc visit i was not even half cm doc was so surprised.....i couldnt even walk as my tummy was sooooo huge....i begged her to help me as it was my first......Doc suggested me I wait for another week and see if i had dilated.....But to her surprise I was not dilated at all.....I was first given medication to ripen the cervix and after 12 hours was given labor was abt 12 hours and i took epi....that did not really help me coz the numness was gone in about 2 hours.....I was again given higher dose of was 10.00 pm and my doctor told me that i would have the baby at about 3 min the morning.....But in abt 15 min she checked me and I was ready to push.....I pushed maybe 4 to times and my baby popped out....had some taer....coz I pushed so hard...I loved every bit of it......


red87 - August 5

Personlly I would be too scared to try a home birth...just in case anything went wrong. But also, lots of ladies prefer to labour at home for as long as possible where I felt the need to be at a hospital, i felt more comfortable there


ChattyKathy - August 5

I had a membrane sweep at 38 and 39 weeks and still didn't deliver until my due date, began labor naturally. I went through most of the labor without anything but then I had AROM (breaking the water) with an epidural once my labor stalled at 6 cm and the contractions began to get farther apart and not as painful.


sarah21 - August 5

I had planned a birth at a birthing center and was a week overdue, everything had been fine, textbook perfect and then out of the blue my baby's heart rate raced up to about 270 bpm, so I had an emergency c-section.



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