Birthday Cake

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jb - January 29

What kind of cake did you, or do you plan on getting for your lo's first birthday?? I personally only like chocolate cake so I wanted to get that for dd's first b-day cake. I am sure she won't be eating much of it (mostly smearing it around!!!). Do you think it is ok to get a chocolate cake or should I get something like carrot cake?


SonyaM - January 29

Typically you get baby their own cake to smash (very small, most stores do it for free). I got a white cake for that and then a half and half for the other one to feed the guests. Acutally I had a NUMBER ONE built out of cupcakes. So cute. It matched the number one theme we decorated with. They iced it in red with yellow dots just like the plates and stuff.


sahmof3 - January 29

I think I've always had choco cake at my kids' b-day parties because it's my favorite! I've never had one be picky about their cake until this year... my daughter insisted that her b-day cake had to have purple b___terflies lol... so it did... on top of the choco cake ;-)


lexa - January 29

My opinion is to get whatever kind of cake you like to eat. After all, your lo isn't going to eat much of it and if you are anything like me....can't waste it :-) I usually get marble cakes. That way it's the best of both worlds! ooooh, now I'm hungry for sweets!


piratesmermaid - January 29

I plan on doing a confetti cake in the shape of a fish to put ontop of the sheet cake.


ConnorsMommy - January 29

dangit, I shouldn't have opened this thread because NOW I WANT CAKE!! lol.. We had two cakes (one small one for ds, it was vanilla with raspberry filling.. and a chocolate one for everyone else).


ConnorsMommy - January 30

just to let yoy guys know... i just went out and bought myself a cake ;)


Emily - January 30

oh no you must get a choclate cake! it makes good pictures cause it really shows. Mary didn't like it though. she did untill she got her hands in the icing and then she didnt like it anymore. she hates to have her hands dirty! I plan on doing the chocolate one for MArcy too. ConnersMommy too funny!


Shea - January 30

I think the smash cake may depend on where you live. I don't know anyone that did it and when I asked at the bakery they looked at me like I was crazy. We had a yellow cake, Mickey Mouse since Braden gets excited about Mickey. I don't like chocolate birthday cake (or carrot cake, lol), so I just picked what I like.


cae - January 30

Yep..we got Ethan a 6 inch choclate cake, he tore right into it. It was fun. Then we got a big one for the rest of the party.



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