Bitchy Park Moms

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hrsmith - June 28

I need to vent. I cannot believe how inconsiderate and rude some mothers are at the park. I went to this new park the other day with my son. It was one of those parks that have everything under the sun for kids to play with, including waterh spouts and the like. But... I could not believe how rude some of the women were. I won't go into a long winded detail as to all of the things I witnessed, but being that I am a teacher, I was sooooo close to telling them how rude they were being. Believe me ladies, I have seen my fair share of wonderful parents, and the exact opposite! Sometimes it makes me just want to go up and flick em' in the forehead!! Of course I won't but I feel better now that I got it off my chest:)


Bonnie - June 28

Okay...well, now you have to share what you saw! :P


Ginny - June 28

Seriously! What did they do? I'm at work- I could use something interesting to read!


skn331 - June 28

I agree, spill it! WHat did they do?


TC - June 28

Okay I wanna know what happened!!!!


Christy - June 28

Were they rude to you, their kids, or both?


Mary - June 28

I wanna know too!


Ang - June 28

ok me too!! I wanna know too!!


hrsmith - June 28

HI ladies. sorry, I had to run out. Sooo. here it goes. My friend and I were sitting on a ledge watching the kids play in the sand box when my friend had to get up to go and grab her son from falling. As she was doing that, I had moved to the gra__s right next to the ledge where we were sitting to play with my son. When I looked up, this woman sat right in my friends spot. Now, I know what you are probably thinking. Maybe she didn't know anyone was actually sitting there, but it didn't take a rocket scientist to see that all of the clothes and sippee cups were setting there. I didn't say anything to begin with because i just figured she would figure it out. when my friend got back she was a little taken at the fact that the woman was sitting therer, soo. she just moved to the other side, and then proceeded to grab all of her stuff and move it. I was completely expecting the lady to say, "Oh, I am sorry, were you sitting here?" But no, she gave a small glare at my friend and then just went on talking with some other ladies across the way. That was the first thing that ticked me off. I can't believe how rude some people are. Incident #2. one of the park mommies had a son who was probably 2 i would say..You know that age when everything is mine, mine, mine. Well, her son walked over to another little boy who was playing in the sand and he had a little truck sitting next to him. I a__sumed it was his. he just swiped the truck and started walking away. Of course it made the little boy cry because it was his truck. I would have expected the mother of the son who took the truck to walk over and return the truck to the little boy and either apologize to the boy and his mother or in some way make it a learning experience for her own son. after all, that is the age where they are really trying to learn social skills. But NOOOO that is not what happened at all. The woman took the truck away from her son and gave it to the little boy's mom and then said, "You should really keep a closer eye on your sons toy's, then we wouldn't have to deal with these kind of issues!" Now had that been said to me personally, I think I wouold have let loose on her. What a #@!%#!!! Why on earth would you say something like that. It saddens me that her poor son is going to grow up with a mother who defines the term, BITCH. Here's hoping it doesn't rub off on him. Sometimes I think I am more aware of att_tudes of others since I deal with parents and children on a daily basis. But these two incidents were absolutely ridiculous!!!!


hrsmith - June 28

sorry ladies. I typed really fast, hope it makes some sense.


Bonnie - June 28 see, that would have won me bad mother of the year award! because if she had the cahonies to do that I would have decked her right there in front of everyone, lol. I took my twins to Sea World once and they were petting the dolphins when this lady came up behind Sara and leaned on her so hard trying to get over her that she was shoving Sara's stomach up against the stone...I went completely mental and told her to get the f-k off my kid! I'm all for politeness but when soemoen is rude to my kids, I honestly lose my mind.


hrsmith - June 28

oh... here's another one for ya. This isn't a park mommy incident, it;s a park granny incident!! I take my son for walks in the park right next to our house every day. There is the group of Vietnamese granny's that are out there every day as well. They tend to gather right in the middle of the sidewalk to talk so if your walking along the path, you will eventually run right into them. One would think that once they saw someone coming down the pathway, they would move. Absolutely not. I actually have to go completely around on the gra__s. One day, i counted. i actually had to walk around on the gra__s 5 times and still they didn't move at all. I even said excuse me several times but I am not sure they speak english. Just so youknow it's not as easy as it sounds when you have to go onto the gra__s because it's uphill. BTW, I don't want to sound racist becasue I mentioned they were vietnamese. my husband is filipino, I am caucasion. However, I live in the Silicon Valley and we have just about every race under the sun over here, and there are definitely some cultures that are flat out rude and inconsiderate. Anyway, I just smile a crooked smile at the grannies and say to myself that I will always teach my son to be respectful to others NO matter what "bitties" young or old he comes across. I don't know though. One day i just might lose it and have to flick someone in the head:) have a great day ladies.


rl - June 28

gosh nothing really surprises me anymore these really is sad that people can be so rude and teach their bad habits to their kids!! The ones of us who are not rude will just have to work extra hard to teach our children to be nice so there are atleast a few left in the world!!


Narcissus - June 28

Hehe! I love this thread:) I love to give other nasty moms dirty looks, especially the trashy moms that terrorize their kids in public. You WILL see/hear me openly grunting and making remarks if I ever see a mom verbally abuse her kid in public. I have yet to encounter what you described but I am sure the day will be here soon.


ash2 - June 28

hey hrsmith. i just so happened to read your comment about the vietnamese grannies and i thought i would drop you a line. my husband is vietnamese and i know what older vietnamese ladies are like. well its kind of their culture to " get respect" from the younger people. they have been taught that the older you are , the more you are to be " catered to" if you will. the reason they probally didnt move is probally because they expected you to understand about the elderly. trust me, this is just one of the many things that im trying to learn about the culture. i hope this helps.....


Ginny - June 29

I guess that's similar to the way grannies in the south think that being old is a good excuse to get away with saying rude things. i.e. "I think you get wider every time I look at you." or "Are you pregnant again? Don't you know what causes that yet?"


nic nac - June 29

Hey Narc, can you elaborate on what you mean by terrorize kids in public? Do you mean if a kid is acting up and being rude and the parent pops them on the leg or what? Just curious. :)



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