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USMC_wife - January 30

This isn't really a question, rather more like a comment. Leah, my first dd, will be 4 tomorrow!!! ~sniffles~ Time has flown by so fast. I love who she is and who she is developing into, but I can see how much she is growing up and it makes me so sad. I can remember the fist time I looked into her big, beautiful eyes and cried with joy. Now she is spelling, writing words, counting past 50, you name it. It breaks my heart to know that one day she will move out and have a family of her own, while at the same time it makes me happy to think about that. She is so special to me. I love my other dd just as much. (and she will be 9 weeks Thursday!! ~more sniffles~ ) They have helped me become who I am today - Leah made me a mother, and Anna has made me a better mother.


vonzo - January 30

Aw that's such a lovely statement to make. Children are addictive! After i had Amber i said NEVER AGAIN i couldn't go through that, now she's 4.5months old and i cant wait to have another one. Have to persuade dh first but i'm sure i will! :o)


ash2 - January 30

You are so right.! I have 2 boys that are 3.5 years apart, and they are different in every way. I love them both as much but both in a different way ( confusing, i know ) . But all the moms with one kid knows how i feel ! My oldest boy just turned 4 , and my youngest just turned 8 months. Me and DH were just thinking....he will be a year old in 3.5 months !!! Where has this year gone ?? It seems like my oldest 's took longer, lol....It makes me more sad that this might be my last baby and thats what hurst more. I will never get to go through it again : (


mosley12 - January 30

i know what you mean! ds is only a little over 3 months . i remember not being able to wait until he lauged and smiled and now he does all of it but than i look at his new born pic and im like he's growing up so fast!


mcatherine - January 30

I can understand completely. It's so wonderful to watch them grow, yet so hard at the same time. I always thought kindergarten and such was bad until one day he put his hand against mine. His was bigger. It brought me to tears. It brings me to tears right now. It does go by so, so fast....


mcatherine - January 30

oh - obviously meaning my 11 year old..


missy - January 30

I totally know how you feel! My ds is 4 and he is turning into such a sweet little man!! I am so proud of my guy--and my dd is almost 9 months--I just want her to slow down!! I wish there was a pause b___ton sometimes--it goes by way to fast :(



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